Bludik Von Kreme Dip

Bludik Von Kreme Dip


Progressive Power Pop I suppose. Interesting and moving songs. Memorable lyrics and melody with awesome harmonies. Think Zappa meets the Beatles


Two songwriters (Chris O'Sullivan/Justin Gild) living Queens just making good music. Hooked up with two talented engineers (Mark Buono/Adam Harley) who also share a passion to play music. Rocking NYC as much as we can. Spreading the Bludik Gospel and Building the Bludik Army....Join today


Zygote Soap coming soon!!!

Set List

All Originals-
1.Moment of Clarity 2.Reprise 3.Do it 4.Philososcheese 5.Drive 6.Picasso 7.Confusion 8.Zygote Soap 9.Annie