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"Bludshot brings unique mix to local music scene"

Each piece of a puzzle has a different edge, but if matched up right, the product is seamless.

The same can be said for musicians coming from various corners of the metropolitan area with influences from Jimmy Buffet to Beyonce.

“We are an eclectic puzzle,” said hype man James “J.P.” Pierce. “We just fit.”

The puzzle is gathered under the name Bludshot, an alternative styled hip-hop group. Pierce and childhood friend Shawn Tierney, “Bludshot” himself, both from Woodbridge, lock in the hip-hop sound. The rely on four other members to bring the funk, jazz, R&B and rock.

As a hype man, Pierce backs up Tierney on the microphone and gets the crowd involved, he said.

“We’re expected to jump out there and give it our all and put out an effort that’s unique,” he said.

The band, in this form, has been together a little more than a month, but secured a regular spot in the rotation of musicians at TT Reynold’s in Fairfax, historically a stepping-stone for live acts in Northern Virginia.

“They’re a different kind of band than we usually have here,” said Jeremy Gifford, owner of TT Reynold’s. Patrons most frequently see rock bands, he said. “They’re a hip-hop band with an emphasis on the band, not a D.J. with turntables. They help bridge the gap between a rapper and a rock band.”

Completing the group are vocalist Tifphani Gist of D.C., guitarist Cornell Pearce of Upper Marlboro, Md., bassist Clarence Chandler of Capital Heights, Md., and drummer Demetrius Beynum of New Carrollton, Md.

“Everyone has their own individuality,” Gist said. But the love of music fuses the group, she said.

“We all have the same vision and the same dream,” Chandler added.

The group isn’t screaming for stardom at this point, but trying to build a fan base in the area and soon throughout the region and country on a college tour.

A pre-release of their album “Another Day” is available online at the band’s website, and at Tower Record stores in Alexandria and Fairfax. In April the CD will be in major music stores, said manager Shannon Ponce. “Another Day” is primarily Tierney’s effort with the band forming in time to join him on two songs. Future albums will include the band on all tracks.

Their sound is inviting, said Gifford who books live music at his bar at least four nights a week.

“Their music is dance music,” he said. “It’s upbeat. It’s party.”
- Potomac News

"Extraordinary !"

Shawn "Bludshot" Tierney's eclectic, sixteen-track CD features a variety of producers and musicians. Shawn subtly blends funk, rap, rock and soul into his own original brand of hip-hop. Bludshot is a passionate musician, his singing style ranges from smooth storytelling to rapid-fired phrases. Shawn has surrounded himself with quality players and producers thus the CD has polished songs with infectious grooves. 'Beautiful Day' is the opening track. It features a snappy, somewhat complex rhythm layered over suave rapping. I like the hook phrase about "a beautiful day and the sun shinning on my face" but as the tale unfolds the night comes and things go sour. 'Shake It' is a prime example of how Bludshot melds genres. Guitars, bass and keys start the song with a rock groove that reminds me of surf music. The song then shifts to an edgy rap beat as Shawn sings seductively. The song ebbs and flows in this pattern to a quiet end. 'Welcome To My World' blends rock instrumentation with hip-hop attitude. The soulful, harmonizing vocal parts adds texture and even more diversity to this multi-faceted track. Another Day is a complex, comprehensive work proving that Bludshot is an extraordinary hip-hop artist. - Laura T Lynch of

"Bludshot, Another Day"

An alien who visited Earth and listened only to rap music might be forgiven for thinking that when humans indulge in drugs, sex, self-aggrandizement and foul language - or even just having a good time - they must also hurt or insult others. Fortunately there are talented artists like Bludshot (Shawn Tierney) who can rhyme about both hard times and the good life while casting a critical eye on themselves.

The story of redemption after hitting bottom that Bludshot tells in "Sunshine" is as affecting as the verbal acrobatics of "Fly Away" are technically impressive. "The Smoke Out" is a romantic number featuring the hilariously named producer Dragonfly Pympwell, who sounds like Barry White and is the musical mastermind behind most of these tracks. Bludshot has a lot of songs about anger and lust, but his jibes at himself undercut the objectivization of women in which he keeps threatening to indulge. He's the guy who's just trying to make his way in the world. For example, it's not totally clear who the "hateful bitches" in "You Don't Know Me" are, but it sounds like he's got a legitimate complaint against them. Or he's the half-nervous, half-confident would-be romancer, like the smitten barhound in "Chica Bonita" who never actually makes his move: "I'm assuming when she's done grooming she'll be back/To the spot at the bar where she left her drink at/So I'll just hang low and guzzle some beer/And hope that when I see her my A game will appear." And in "Bad Blud" he acknowledges that the use of alcohol and drugs comes out of weakness, while "Sunshine" is a rueful look back at the gangsta lifestyle.

The climax of the CD is the gripping "Welcome To My World" where guest vocalist Gina Mohammed chimes the chorus: "Welcome to my world/The place of the unforgiven/You don't want to stay too long/With the way that I've been living." In this as in most of the tracks, Pympwell has an excellent ear for creating just the right musical track for the story being told.

Just once, I think, Bludshot mentions the fact that he is white. It doesn't seem to matter in these songs. I suppose we have Eminem to thank for the ability of a rapper like Bludshot to have legitimacy and a fair chance of major success. He definitely has the needed talent. He's neither as angry nor as funny as Eminen, but he makes his own strong statement on this very good album.
- Jon Sobel -

"Alternative Funk In Hip Hop Form"

It has taken Bludshot over two years to write, perform, and record his highly anticipated new album, Another Day. Fortunately, it only takes one listen to realize that it has been well worth the wait.

With each of the album's sixteen tracks, Bludshot repeatedly shows us why he is not your average hip-hop artist. He blends elements of funk, hip-hop, rock, and soul as if they were always meant to be together, and the end result is so infectious that you'll find yourself wondering why someone hasn't done this already. His sound has been described as a cross between Outkast, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Twista, but this is one of those rare cases where an artist can be recognized for a style that is uniquely his own.

When asked about his inspiration, Bludshot cites a wide variety of influences. He appreciates the classic rock sounds of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and the Beatles, just as much as he enjoys the soulfulness of Al Green, Sly and the Family Stone, and Bob Marley. He worships at the throne of old school hip-hop artists like Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Pharcyde, and A Tribe Called Quest, but also praises the work of current acts like Snoop Dogg, Outkast, Incubus, and Black Eyed Peas. All of this comes through in his own music, as he takes the best elements of numerous genres and weaves them together into a remarkably smooth sound.

Supported by a remarkable live band that includes James Pierce (backup vocals), Tiphanie Gist (backup vocals), Cornell Pearce (guitar), Clarence Chandler (bass), and Demetrius Beynum (drums), Bludshot has rapidly built up a strong local following throughout Virginia, filling venues to capacity on a regular basis.

"Bludshot, Another Day"

A rapper from Virginia? Sure, why not. And before dismissing him, give it a listen. On the opener, "Beautiful Day," you'll detect something different immediately. Yeah, you'll think Eminem, or Jay-Z, but Bludshot has a real wicked delivery when it comes to firing out syllables. Sometimes it's just the way he connects words like triplets, or sparks them out like 16th-note outbursts. The syncopation is way cool, and enough to set him apart a bit in the field. Stylistically, he is not limited to just yakking over the beats. On "Chica Bonita," he raps over a Latin progression, and the contrast is interesting. Similarly, "Who Am I" starts off with a dub/reggae influence, as a guitar line loops over and over. With 16 cuts here, you get a good glimpse of Bludshot and his abilities, and while I do not claim to be an authority on rap or hip hop, I will admit to being quite interested in this disc. It holds more than enough variety to keep my attention. There are also a few songs where production duties are handled by another person – for example, Gina Mohammed is at the helm for "Welcome to My World," and while stylistically there is a bit of a sonic change, Bludshot still maintains a steady rap, applying his approach and making it work. - NY Rock Street Beat


"Party Time" - Promotional CD Single (2004)
"Another Day" - Full Length CD


Feeling a bit camera shy


BLUDSHOT, from Woodbridge, Virginia, is not your average hip hop artist. With influences ranging from the classics (Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendrix, Al Green, The Beatles) to old school (Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest) to recent artists such as Snoop Dogg, Outkast, and Incubus, BLUDSHOT's eclectic taste in music is, perhaps, his biggest asset. His open mind, experimentation, creativity, and appreciation of talent (regardless of its presentation) are a few of the factors that set him apart from others. BLUDSHOT blends elements of hip hop, rock, latin, funk, and soul into his music, while keeping his roots fully entrenched in the classic hip hop that inspired him, creating what is desperately needed, something addictively different.

In April of 2005, BLUDSHOT's highly anticipated album, "Another Day", was released in stores throughout the region, including FYE and Tower, as well as online through itunes, napster, rhapsody,,, and most other online retailers. The album is being distributed by RedEye Distribution (#1 distribution company in the U.S.A). A National Press and Publicity campaign through Rainmaker Publicity and a National College/Secondary Radio Campaign coincided with the release of the album.

As a result BLUDSHOT has rapidly built a strong following throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Currently performing five to ten shows per month, the crowds continue to expand, allowing BLUDSHOT to consistently fill venues to capacity. With upcoming tours, a college radio/internet campaign, a video shoot for his new single, release parties and other special events, BLUDSHOT is ready, and more prepared than ever, to explode onto the national music scene in 2007. The possibilities are endless.