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Blue Midnight

Los Angeles, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Los Angeles, CA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Band Rock Hard Rock




"Music Connection Top Live Unsigned Acts of 2018"

Here it is, Music Connection’s annual list of unsigned LIVE performers who showed us something special onstage during the past year. Contributors to this list are not only MC staffers and freelance writers, but club bookers, music attorneys and other industry pros nationwide. MC currently has reviewers in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, and Detroit. To put yourself in the running for a free review, go to - Music Connection

"Metal Mag Reviews Eternal Wish"

USA Melodic Rock / Symphonic Metal. Justine the singer wanted to make a band that sends a peaceful message and peaceful sense like a dream. The violin helps a lot to bring that feeling added with the keyboard parts. Difficult to put into a box, they have compositions that can be attracted by any people with different musical background and could be aired easily on the radio.

The second song “addicted’ is a good example of how a band can make a hit single to simply get anyone addicted by their compositions. Melodies,soft parts mixed with heavy ones you can relate to what Justine says : ‘Dream music‘ . Great solos with those blues scales giving to this formation another dimension with a multitude of inspiration. They could at some point joins the ‘pop‘ charts with all those bands we can hear on Tv. - Metal Magazine

"Music Connection Live Review"

Material: Blue Midnight is a hard rock group complete with outstanding vocals, two guitars, a great rhythm section and even a violin. Think Evanescence meets Iron Maiden with the violin adding another dimension of mostly rhythms to all of the songs. The opening tune, “Acid Rain,” brings out the band’s true colors as they sit nicely atop the hard rock/metal genre. Dueling guitars, a la Judas Priest, take turns on solos, harmonizing and keeping the rhythm tight and intact. The bass neatly complicates the beats, while Justine puts icing on the cake with delicious vocals.

Musicianship: This band is tight as can be, with a minimal amount of flubs. Hill connects with Allen to solidify a great rhythm section as Hornbeck and Hulin go head to head laying down rhythms and harmonics. Both possess excellent soloing abilities. Meanwhile, you don’t expect a violin in a rockin’ band, but Sandoval is a pleasant surprise as he contributes layers of pleasurable, squealing resonance to all the tunes. Justine has an exceptional voice and is impactful and energetic, but there is an untapped potential to it. She holds back ever so slightly––that is evident in her delivery––but at the same time she is on that cusp where a little push will send her over to the next level.

Performance: Blue Midnight’s show was successful from the first rumbling of the guitars. All the players exhibited good rapport with each other and all interacted with the audience to some degree. Justine connected with the crowd numerous times, while Sandoval remained in his own little world, grooving to all the tracks. He gave all that he had and left it on the stage.

Summary: Blue Midnight performed two cover songs, and although those tunes were rendered extremely well, they mixed into the band’s own style a bit too much. The songs melded together, which detracted from the creativity that is Blue Midnight, who’ve got very likable original songs, good stage presence and superb, unique musical ideas. All in all, this band is making music that can appeal to a wide audience. - Music Connection

"Blue Midnight Eternal Wish"

Blue Midnight is another progressive rock band I have discovered online about a few days ago with their debut release; Eternal Wish, which was released in 2018. They have written 10 successful songs with their non-standard style and made a promising first step to their professional careers without a doubt. Usually, bands and musicians are more skeptical about the way they would like to start their careers, and I can totally understand their hesitation. In this example, this move from Blue Midnight is giving one important message to the world; making music, not for fame, not for money but only for passion. This detail alone is more than enough to win many people’s heart, respect, and admiration in my opinion.

The album has an easy going atmosphere in general. There certainly are many interesting and also creative ideas in their compositions. Songs are usually having non-standard structures as I have also mentioned above. Actually I can say that they have a quite tasty balance. Their music is not too technical, too easy, too heavy, too soft, too simple, too progressive, too long or too short. They have successfully mixed all their influences (bands like Dream Theater, Within Temptation, Evanescence…) and wrote down delicious ten songs, which I believe people who love listening to female fronted metal bands would definitely start adding to their playlists. This is where they have made another big difference among other positive things.

Technically, Eternal Wish has great standards in every way. Everything sounds quite delicious. The atmosphere is always strong and immediately takes the listener under its effect. Instruments sound clean, clear, natural, very well balanced and in great harmony. Briefly, Eternal Wish is an album stands out with its great unity in the sound. I would like to congratulate the producer for this. He certainly understood the band, their desires, potential, style and felt the music above everything else. I am a Dream Theater fan. What they have started almost thirty years ago has changed the world. Blue Midnight has the same vibe, the same kind of positive energy with the earlier, golden Dream Theater records such as Images and Words and Metropolis. So when I take all these into account, I can say that this is a great example of a very professional debut for any band out there. They have done everything in a way that they will be proud of this album all their lives. Recommended to all progressive rock bands!

In conclusion, we, as Metalhead Community Team, congratulate Blue Midnight for their successful debut Eternal Wish, and wish them the very best in their future. Thanks for reading. - Heavy Metal Tshirts


Los Angeles, CA: It’s not often that a young female makes headlines in the rowdy world of heavy metal music. Enter Dream Metal band Blue Midnight, founded by composer, pianist, lead singer and vivacious front-woman, Justine Glaser. Blue Midnight’s sound is iridescent in its sensually hard-hitting drumlines, heavily distorted guitar solos, operatic vocals, and classical string section. Legendary 80’s Heavy Metal band Anvil caught wind of their rising star as they blazed through the LA Metal Scene with their album, Eternal Wish. Now Blue Midnight is opening for Anvil on April 5, 2019; at the infamous Whisky A Go-Go, on the Sunset Strip of Hollywood in the musical heart of Los Angeles, California. Click the link for tickets:

Justine is a heavy metal woman on a mission. With only 23-years of life experience under her chainlink belt, she has accomplished more in the music world than most dream of… self-booking Blue Midnight for 11 shows in just one year of forming the band. With the sound, drive, and ambition of a bonafide Rockstar, Justine takes it up a notch by designing her own clothes, writing and composing her own music and stepping up as a female role model by inspiring women around the world to go after their dreams.

Blue Midnight’s cold, hard and melodic rise in heavy metal can best be proven by the epic artists they have opened up for and venues they have rocked this past year; and the bands that continue to book them. This Spring they open the stage for Lita Ford and then for Quiet Riot. Blue Midnight describes their sound as Dream Metal, as they seek to “transport their audience to a dream-like state of mind” as fans enjoy their unique, ethereal and memorable sound.

Blue Midnight is working on their second album; which promises to be heavier and more radical than the first. Justine is making a solid case to garner more support for female-led bands in the music industry at large. This is a call for more venues to book their shows, more radio stations to play their music and more fans to wildly and passionately request to watch them live around the world!

Intrigued and want to dive into a melodic mosh pit of darkly juicy lyrics and raging guitars? Blue Midnight is playing a Secret Show on March 30, 2019 at an undisclosed venue in Los Angeles, CA. In order to unlock the secret location, respond “Going” on their “Blue Midnight Secret Show” Facebook event page. The venue will be revealed on March 29, 2019. See you there or be square.

Upcoming show:

BI·AS w A Mirror Hollow, Killin’ Candace, Blue Midnight & DJskum - Rock N Roll Industries Magazne


Dream Metal band Blue Midnight, will open for legendary 80’s Heavy Metal band Anvil on April 5, 2019 at the Whisky A Go-Go, on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. Founded by composer, pianist, lead singer and vivacious front-woman, Justine Glaser, Blue Midnight describes their sound as “Dream Metal” and they seek to “transport their audience to a dream-like state of mind” as fans enjoy their unique, ethereal and memorable sound.Blue Midnight is currently working on their second album, which includes heavier material than their debut, Eternal Wish.Later this Spring, they will share the stage at shows with both Lita Ford and Quiet Riot. Blue Midnight will also be playing a Secret Show on March 30, 2019 at an undisclosed venue in Los Angeles, CA.

In order to unlock the secret location, respond “Going” on their “Blue Midnight Secret Show” Facebook event page. The venue will be revealed on March 29, 2019.

Justine is a “heavy metal woman on a mission,” having self-booked Blue Midnight for nearly a dozen shows within just a year of forming the band. She enjoys designing her own clothes, writing and composing her own music and stepping up as a female role model by inspiring women around the world to go after their dreams. - Heavy Metal Hill


Still working on that hot first release.



Blue Midnight is a Dream Metal band based out of Los Angeles, CA. It was founded by lead singer, Justine. The band combines the sounds of hard metal guitars and drums with light ethereal vocals and strings. The reason Justine created the genre Dream Metal is because she wants people to rock out during live shows while also feeling like they are in an ethereal dream. 

Blue Midnight is highly inspired by bands, artists, and composers like Tool, Muse, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins, Korn, Bjork, Kerli, Plumb, Mozart, and Danny Elfman. 

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