Blue Aliens' Club

Blue Aliens' Club

 Brussels, Brussels Capital Region, BEL

The best intoxication treatment when way too much canned music in bad condition bangs you in the head... A tidy Babel Tower where many different tongues melt into a new organic groovy language which shakes you to the core!


Blue Aliens' Club is a bunch of little green men who happened to land on Planet Brussels at different but fortunately not too distant time, all of them trying hard to figure out human life and, basically, what on earth this planet is all about!!!

Longing for home, they pour their little green souls into the coolest thing they've found on the blue planet: music. Ranging from hairy metal to sugary pop, mixing with divine jazz and heart-pounding funk, soul-touching blues and creepy crossovers along the way, their influences blend together and become a new kind of force …a contagious energy which could fry you on-the-spot!

On stage, the Aliens stick their antennae out and start transmitting: Julien's thick grooves and syncopations twin perfectly with Mark’s bottom-end lines, while Xavo’s sharp riffs and wide range of melodic but powerful vocal crafts bring every thrill, from elegance to wildness into their repertoire: simply a perfect match for a perfect mood!

That's the sound of the Blue Aliens’ Club, calling out to every other alien out there. We suspect there are many of us amongst you...


New Aliens in Town - 2007

Calling All Aliens - 2009