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Blue Belt

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
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Blue Belt @ Arlene's Grocery

New York, New York, USA

New York, New York, USA

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Last Friday saw the release of O-Zi’s debut solo EP, ‘Rus Li’, an eight track collection that features some extraordinary album artwork by Vivian Ho. Rus Li opens with ‘Intro – Million Man’, a track that seems to go at a million miles an hour before slowing down to create a more lucid listing experience more reminiscent of his earlier work with Blue Belt, a Brooklyn based indie hip hop collective of which O-Zi was the founding member.

Rus Li is generously offered as a free download at 320kbps through the Blue Belt bandcamp page. You’ll also find a full 15 track self titled Blue Belt album there as a free download that was released last summer. - Indie Music Finds

I've been listening to this for quite a while actually (two days to be exact). Here we have O-Zi's latest EP Rus-Li. For those who are unfamiliar with O-Zi, he is a member of the hip-hop collective Blue Belt. His recent effort consists of surreal beats, interesting lyricism & features from the other Blue Belt members. Take a listen & download Rus-Li below. - All City Chess Club

If you are into projects that act as a work of art and take risks with unique sounds then this is for you. In my opinion the the Brooklyn producer/emcee has created a master piece. - Donuts & Milk

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Artist: O-Zi
Hails From: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Song: 'K.I.D.S.'
Album: 'Rus Li' [Bandcamp]
Sounds Like: Das Racist, Shabazz Palaces

In His Words: "This song is close to my heart. But don't get it twisted, I'd like to have kids of my own some day. I just won't raise them to be f---ing a--holes. -- Rob Rusli - Spinner - Said the Gramophone

After listening through to wack wednesdays, (a group of b-sides the band released every Wednesday over the past year) it's easy to think I know Brooklyn quartet Blue Belt pretty well. Dismissing with most hip-hop convention, the group discusses everything from Brian Eno to vocoded gchat conversations in their verses, while turning loops from Asian instruments like the koto and shamisen into a backdrop as smooth as anything Tribe Called Quest has produced. A welcome surprise of showmanship and detailed composition, listening to Blue Belt is an immersive experience. Come prepared to forget what you thought you could do with a sample. - The Deli

Brooklyn indie/experimental hip hop collective Blue Belt released the music video for E.Y.B. (eff yr blog) along with their self-titled debut album. Listen to their technology influenced 15 track album, and you’ll quickly find out they don’t sound like your typical hip hop artist. Not only do they have a unique sound, but they also have their own unique look. In the music video E.Y.B., the quartet busts up some empty boxes atop the rooftops of New York. You can tell these guys are having fun. Although O-Zi, D1G1, Boss Frog, and Jamrod don’t look the part, you can’t deny their skills on the mic.

Read more: - Channel APA

This album is noisy — these guys sampled The Flaming Lips and lean toward Flying Lotus in sonic convolution just to give you a clue. Two of the three rappers in Blue Belt aren’t particularly innovative, but they make up for their lack of prowess with character, weirdness, and occasional dash of good-natured insight. All in all, it’s an unexpected mix of styles blending street-rap with nerd-rap over electro-clash beats. Listening to this CD may have given me A.D.D. (Wow! My hands are PALE!). Anyway, it’s a funny album, and it’s considerably more innovative than most of the “tv-dinner” rap being cooked up these days. They were obviously very high when they made it, so you might want to roll something up before you check it out. - The Deli

Featured song on radio show - BBC Radio 6 Music

I recently featured Blue Belt's track "Anymore" on SFTT and am happy to share another track off their upcoming eponymous LP. "E.Y.B." stands for "Eff Yr Blog" (ouch) and it's a great Animal Collective meets Beastie Boys type track, with a shout-along "Fuck Your Blog" chorus. You can find more info on this up-and-coming hip-hop troupe here, and be sure to stay tuned, because their debut release hits the blogosphere July 26. - Earmilk

I wish I could find more information on Brooklyn's own Blue Belt. His flow is smooth, his literary references are stellar, and his samples make me wish I was around in the fifties. "Anymore" is a stellar track that I could listen to endlessly on repeat. Keep watching Earmilk for any information regarding upcoming releases...I really want to get in contact with this guy. - Earmilk

Never supposed to hear them tryin'; never supposed to see the strings. And so what of a hip-hop track where there's effort manifest, fingers playing with knots, two rappers clenching notebook-papers and nodding to themselves, Right, yeah. What of it? Listen to this, you'll see - it doesn't matter one bleeding bit. Blue Belt's song is lightfooted lovely, blueberry jam, every smudge an improvement. The namedrops are more bookish than thug - Oscar Wilde, Rufus Wainwright, Star Trek - but there's nothing namby-pamby in the setup, nothing nervous in the execution. And more than anything - the beat! oh, the beat. Nina Simone and the neatest of flute samples, perfect topiary, ah-ah-ahs that make me wish I was in a rap crew, just so I could invent something new. - Said the Gramophone


Blue Belt LP

Wack Wednesdays

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Blue Belt is an indie hip hop collective based in Brooklyn, NY, comprised of rapper/producers Rob Rusli, Andrew Rusli, and Jared Arnold. It began as Rob's experimental solo project at Wesleyan University, but now after moving to Brooklyn, Blue Belt has expanded into a trio and garnered significant online buzz after releasing their debut album in 2011.