Blue Belt

Blue Belt

 New York City, New York, USA
BandHip HopPop

"Dismissing most hip-hop convention, the group discusses everything from Brian Eno to vocoded gchat conversations in their verses, while turning loops from Asian instruments like the Koto and Shamisen into a backdrop as smooth as anything Tribe Called Quest has produced. A welcome surprise of showmanship and detailed composition, listening to Blue Belt is an immersive experience. Come prepared to forget what you thought you could do with a sample." -NYC Deli


Blue Belt is an indie hip hop collective based in Brooklyn, NY, comprised of rapper/producers Rob Rusli, Andrew Rusli, and Jared Arnold. It began as Rob's experimental solo project at Wesleyan University, but now after moving to Brooklyn, Blue Belt has expanded into a trio and garnered significant online buzz after releasing their debut album in 2011.


Blue Belt LP

Wack Wednesdays

Jared - Solo Mixtape