Blue Black Hours

Blue Black Hours


Blue Black Hours make space rock that lives between the bottle tipping jean jacket sing-a-long and the acid dream pray to god freakout.


Blue Black Hours is space rock that certainly knows both rock and space. The trio carries on the heritage of their fair city by spinning the attitudes of the Detroit greats gone before and the chaos of a community reborn. Sheets of acid rain guitar, bulldozer bass guitar rumble, and explosive gun shot drumming make Blue Black Hours a mirror for their world.
The band is currently working around the city, playing at staple Detroit venues like the Royal Oak Music Theater, Small's, The Belmont, C.A.I.D, and at events like the 4 day long Metrotimes' Music Blowout in Hamtramck. During the Fall of 2007, Blue Black Hours will be making its way through college towns throughout the mid-west.


Blue Black Hours E.P.

"Space Lightning"
"Too Late Tomorrow"
"Garden Grows"

"Space Lightning" can be heard on Riff2 internet streaming radio.

Set List

Blue Black Hours plays a 45 minute set that can include music from their 90 minute set list of original music.