Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii

 MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN

Blue Hawaii makes far away music. The rhythms and melodies are soothing, the vocals are powerful and lush. Sometimes we sing about loss, or anger, but since the notes are pretty, we feel good about it. We use drum machines, synths, guitars and voices, aim to uplift people.


The duo consists of Raph and Agor, making aching melodies over experimental club rhythms.

Indeed, their songs are aesthetic - happy and polished - but this imagery does not embody an overall feeling. Recounting jealously, heartloss, frustration and friendship, a sort of peace is obtained by the meandering of soft bubbly synths and strings, through to expressive guitars and drums machines. All this is balanced with the character of a truly powerful vocal performance.

Blooming Summer (2010, Arbutus) is the dreamy harmony of this electronic, tropical-pop.


Blooming Summer (Arbutus, May 2010) Currently #7 on Canadian College Charts

Braids/Blue Hawaii Split Tape (Arbutus, June 2010)

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