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bluebottle kiss


Bluebottle Kiss is an indie-rock band from Sydney, Australia, creating emotionally driven music that is engaging, intelligent and highly creative. BBK is a fiercely intense live band, often lunging between dissonant punk fused barrages to fragile folk and multi-layered melodic pop.


In 1973, studios that were capable of recording music on 16-track, two-inch tape machines were nearly as scarce as studios that used ProTools. As good timing would have it, an upgrade to London’s state-of-the-art Abbey Road studios allowed little-known band Pink Floyd to use this new technology to make what is later recognized as one the best-sounding albums of all time, Dark Side of the Moon.

Fast-forward to 2005 and Sydney’s Linear Studio is equipped with the same recording technology, which by now is as scarce as it was in 1973 and it is into this environment that Sydney band Bluebottle Kiss embark on a bold experiment to recreate the rich sounds and raw energy of classic albums from Motown and Muscle Shoals. Over 12 days and 6 reels of tape, 30 musicians will create a 27 song feast of real instruments and real voices that is as organic as it is ambitious.

The resulting double album, Doubt Seeds, will put beyond doubt the fact that Bluebottle Kiss is one of Australia’s most adventurous, passionate and committed bands and that Jamie Hutchings, in addition to being one of the finest songwriters around, is a producer of rare talent.

While anything but derivative, there is no question that Bluebottle Kiss’ sprawling albums can sometimes sound like an entire collection of music. In an effort to explain this diversity, Doubt Seeds documents the broad musical tastes that Jamie developed as the son of a professional musician and a voracious music fan. By distilling key musical influences from artists such as John Coltrane, Tom Waits, Slint and The Stooges into thoroughly original compositions, Doubt Seeds is a stunning adventure into the world of quality music.

Always dancing around the musical intersection between experimental and conventional yet relentlessly traditional in the delivery of unaffected and passionate live rock and roll, Bluebottle Kiss is a band where it is impossible to discount the nurture behind their nature.

Founding member Jamie Hutchings grew up on his older brother’s collection of vibrant Australian garage rock before moving from Radio Birdman and The Saints into the more esoteric territory of The Laughing Clowns and The Church. Joining the exploding Australian scene of the mid-'90s granted front-row seats and support slots to the unsung genius of bands like Crow and The Underground Lovers. Since that time, Bluebottle Kiss has toured nationally and internationally continually supporting bands ranging from Beck to Midnight Oil to Interpol and numerous acts in between. They have also licensed albums for release in the U.S. and Europe. The foundation of five previous albums and hundreds of live shows since Bluebottle Kiss was formed in 1995 has now culminated in the profound sonic buffet of the soon-to-be-released double album Doubt Seeds.

From minimalist soundscapes to rich celestial-like
pop and white-hot, free-jazz wigouts, Doubt Seeds
checks the length and breadth of this unique act’s lucid imagination. An essential stop for adventurers and anyone with an interest in the history and future of music.


Fire Engine

Written By: Jamie Hutchings

Fire Engine
Well, the world was super silent
and I was pining in a crossroads way
for a note in a vacant lot
or to stow away in a pickup truck

A secret girl, she’d let me love her
When the day awoke, it was without her
There was no sign of my overcoat,
No dirty dish, no clumsy note

She’d said it was alright
When I’d lost her in that slummy hall
Like kissing for the first time
And you walk home feeling ten foot tall

Properly out on the main street
My mind’s a blizzard
I spotted her and said, “Hey,
Listen, is everything OK?
I feel so spent in some unhinged way
We’re into winter and that overcoat,
I sure miss it.”

Then a fire engine screamed, it barely missed us
And I couldn’t hear anything at all
Things get foggy, I can’t quite recall how you looked
So strange

And the fire engines made us small
Like kissing for the first time
And you walk home feeling ten foot tall

All these girls dressed like jack balloons
Hammer clubs mile length queues, I gotta hit it
Are you going my way slowly?

White Rider

Written By: Jamie Hutchings

Like a stooge in some two-grade movie
Dance the dance, feed the camera trolls
The sky is pregnant and the sea is darkening
Who’s in control?
Meanwhile perched upon some holy mountain
A telescope nestled in your hands
You feel asleep to a new day rising
Face down in the sand
Point a mirror down a well,
See a storm a comin’

Are you waiting around for your white rider
Perched atop his wild steed?
You look as lonely as a lighthouse keeper
Over a wine dark sea

When I saw that first flash of lightening
And I saw the heavens dislocate
I knew I’d been sleeping on the seat of leaping
Counted all my mistakes and all the tragedy
of Judy Garland or Jonah weeping in the belly of a whale
People say it’s all just hocus pocus or that it’s written in Braille
But point a mirror down a well
See that storm, it’s a comin’ now…

Harold Holt

Written By: Jamie Hutchings

We spread our blankets over the earth
Turned our backs to the roaring forties
Refilled our glasses again and again
‘til momentarily we believed we were free

Then Harold Holt plunged into the boiling sea
Is that what you’re about to do to me?

And there’s a light stealing under the door
For it knows no appropriate
A leafless tree pleads unto the sky,
“Hey, ain’t it about time that you started crying?”
He’s in Bass Strait, he’s in the heart of it

Oh, Harold Holt plunged into the boiling sea
Is that what you’re about to do to me?


LPs: Doubt Seeds (2006), Come Across (2003), Revenge Is Slow (2002), Patient (2001), Fear of Girls (1996), Higher Up the Fire Trails (1995)

EPs: Last Playboy in Town, Gangsterland, Girl Genius, Somnambulist Homesick Blues, Tap Dancing on the Titanic, Double Yellow Tarred

Set List

No covers; all original. Depends on the room and the crowd. These days, it's heavy on Doubt Seeds rock 'n' roll.