Blue Coyote

Blue Coyote

 Red Hook, New York, USA

BLUE COYOTE: New York's super power trio. Ferocious riffs, breakneck solos and mighty grooves saturate their unholy marriage of old-school hard rock bravado and naked exposure of society in decay.


In late 2004, Greg Platkin, Jeremy Hall and Rick Stearns got together and jammed in a basement bar, and by the time the last chord rang out, they'd made it their mission to breathe new life into rock music. Taking inspiration from Jimi Hendrix, Cream, ZZ Top and Rush – like any good power trio should – they rolled up their sleeves and cranked their amps. Since then, Blue Coyote has been tearing up stages all over New York with an old-school rock sound revamped for the modern era. They have opened for the likes of Pat Travers, Blackfoot and The Outlaws at the Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, as well as headlined the First Annual Kingston Mardi Gras Celebration and the Rosendale Street Festival. They are frequent headliners at The Basement, Snappers and Keegan Ales of Kingston NY, as well as Brooklyn's Trash Bar. Their songs are about what they know: hitting the highway on a Harley, love gone wrong, destroying household appliances, and blowing the doors off a packed club full of screaming fans.

With 2011's THROWN TO THE SKULL AND BONES, this power trio's musical prowess and artistry have reached new heights. Ferocious riffs, breakneck solos and mighty grooves saturate this unholy marriage of hard-rock bravado and naked exposure of society in decay. From the rousing opener "Death Car" to the dexterous "Dirty, Mean and Nasty," from straight-up rockers "Low Hustle" and "Bad For Once" to emotional epics "Wildfire" and "Zero Hour," this album spans a broad range of styles, influences and themes. Visit cdbaby, Amazon or iTunes and experience this amazing record for yourself!


Over The Line EP - 2009
Thrown to the Skull and Bones LP - 2011

Set List

Bad For Once
Break the Spell
Death Car
Dirty, Mean & Nasty
Graveyard Shift
Just an Inch Away
Killed My TV
Low Hustle
Over the Line
Wasted Life
World Comin' Down
Zero Hour