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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States | SELF

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States | SELF
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"Message in the Music"

Edmond Outlook Magazine May 2012

ARTS: Message in the Music
Written by Christy Shuler in the May 2012 Issue

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges Christian rock bands face today is ever-present
criticism. Go too far one way and you disappoint a strong believer. Sway too far to the other, you fail to connect to a music lover. Blue Cross Band doesn’t let the skepticism faze them. Their response? “We’re gonna rock your socks off.”

It all began with co-founder and Edmond local Rick Wooldridge who picked up a
guitar at age 9 and performed at his first bar in sixth grade. “I spent a lot of time
going down the wrong path,” he admits. It wasn’t until he was 33 that Wooldridge
found his true calling. Edmond, he says, is where he received his spiritual upbringing. Though he lived his entire life surrounded by music, he never wrote a single lyric until he accepted Christ. “When I got saved and used the abilities God gave me for His purposes... that’s when the songs started coming.”

Meanwhile, co-founder Tom Farrier says he felt the urge to call Wooldridge. The two
had been bandmates years ago. He said simply, “Man, we gotta play.” With that, the
two picked up just like it was yesterday. Wooldridge took to guitar and vocals, while
Farrier accompanied on bass. Soon after, Wooldridge brought in guitarist Mark Richards, whom he knew from church, while Farrier urged his coworker Rob Sheppard to join them on the drums. “I said, ‘We’re putting this thing together and just gonna see what happens.’ And that’s where it took off,” he recalls. Still, the band felt something was missing. They needed one more member. So they took to slightly more modern methods of advertising and put an ad on Craigslist. “First time I ever responded to anything on Craigslist,” laughs Cassie Lauhon. The vocalist admits that although she was a little nervous walking in, she felt completely at home from the beginning. “It was like I instantly had a group of brothers,” she said. That’s not to say her husband wasn’t a tad nervous about Lauhon heading off to meet four male strangers. “He was like, ‘No, you can’t go! They’re wanting something,’ ”says Lauhon. “I said it’s OK. It’s at a church.” And so Blue Cross Band was born. Not long after, they landed a record deal and released their first album, “Walls Are Closing In” in March by Tate Music Group. Blue Cross Band has been compared to The Allman Brothers and earlier work by The Doors. A throw back to the ’70s, they believe in good vocals, good harmonies and guitar work.

While some Christian bands feel the pressure to choose worshipful tunes over trendier rhythms, Blue Cross Band senses their audience’s desire for a perfect blend of the two. “They’re hungry for that type of musicianship in Christian music,” says Wooldridge, “And they’re not getting that.” until now. As Farrier puts it, “Just because you go to church doesn’t mean you can’t listen to rock ’n’ roll.” Adds Richards, “It’s not just a Christian thing…[we have that] old school rock where you can get out there and have a lot of fun.” While they each have a favorite track on the CD, Lauhon says it was “I’m Free” that got her hooked from day one. Listening to that song, she knew this is where she wanted to be. “I think one of the beautiful things about music is that you can connect to a lyric or a melody or a person that’s performing it,” says Lauhon. “It can bring you together and help you feel not alone.”

That is ultimately what Blue Cross Band is about: putting their message into the music
in a way that people can relate to. Coming from different backgrounds, the members
of Blue Cross Band let their differences bind them through their unique style, and it
shows on the album, which is available on iTunes and Amazon, among other record
stores. With a fusion of rock, blues, country and worship, listeners have multiple
opportunities to connect to the music. As Lauhon puts it, “There’s something on there that everyone will like and resp - Edmond Outlook Magazine

"Awesome - Just Awesome"

02:05 PM on December 26, 2011
What a blessing to receive this CD, Walls Are Closing In, on Christmas Day, 2011! The amazing guitar licks on the opening song, "Long Time Comin", told me I was in for a good ride. By the third song, I was hooked. Every time I play "It Should Have Been Me", I can't resist singing the chorus out LOUD. I was tempted to reach out my hands as I listened to the worshipful song, "I Call On Your Name".

This CD is awesome. Nothing but awesome! Your band's amazing talent shouts out in each and every song. I hope and pray I will be hearing you on Christian Radio, especially K-Love, just because that's the Christian station I listen to.

May God bless each of you in 2012 and all the years beyond.
- Kit Daggs


Walls Are Closing In- LP (released 3-6-12) containing:
Long Time Coming
I'm Free
It Should Have Been Me
I Call On Your Name
Outstretched Hand
Walls Are Closing In
One By One
Rage The Battle



In 2010 Blue Cross Band (BCB) formed with the purpose of reaching out to and rocking out with music fans of all generations by producing blues-rock music that is positive, distinctive, compelling and diverse. Each member of the band comes from various genres and musical influences: rock, blues, country, pop, praise/worship and contemporary Christian music.

This diversity is what makes BCB so unique. Their music is an equal balance of excellent instrumentation and compelling vocals. The dueling guitars of Mark Richards and Rick Wooldridge couple with the thundering drums of Greg Barnhart and thumping bass lines provided by Tom Farrier. Then with the addition of powerhouse vocals from Cassie Lauhon that are soulful with a touch of country-rock twang and blend expertly with Rick Wooldridge's dynamic, bluesy-rock voice to collectively make Blue Cross Band and their music an entertaining and enlightening experience for music lovers of all ages and styles.