Blue Diablo

Blue Diablo


Blue Diablo is a three piece North Carolina band that plays house rockin' blues rock boogie


Blue Diablo is a three piece North Carolina band that mixes Blues, Rock and John Lee Hooker flavored Boogie into danceable hook laden original songs. Formed on New Years 2007 by singer/songwriter Pete Waggoner, the band has recently completed the CD entitled Boogie at Chasing Light Studios in Hillsborough, NC and is available through CD Baby
Waggoner has played and recorded with Betsy in the Gene Pool, Memphis the Band, Greg Hawks and the Tremblers, Hobart Willis and the Back Forty, Downhome Groove, Taz Halloween and Jule Brown over the past ten years.
Blue Diablo is rounded out by Robert Kintner (Down Home Groove) on drums and Frank Tornoe (Betsy in the Gene Pool, Blue Cats) on Bass and Pete on vocals, guitar and harmonica. Look for a follow up in 2008.


Million Dollar Song

Written By: Pete Waggoner (BMI)

I got so good at drinking tequila
That I couldn’t get too high
Spending my time doing a whole lot of nothing
Lazy days went by
Tried to get a song done with my thoughts a little fuzzy
Though it sounded great in my head
Instead of recording it I thought it would be boring
So I grabbed me a bottle instead

I said to myself “this is a million dollar song”
But I couldn’t reach my paper or pen
My skin was sunk into the sofa
Lord you know I ain’t a loafer
But I find I’m lying here again
Too drunk to move on such a slow moving day
Sippin’ Long Island Iced Tea
And if I get this song together
I’ll be strolling sunny weather
With my friends in company

I woke up this morning
With my thoughts a little fuzzy
My head was weak and my breath was strong
It was a little bit later
I was reading the paper
And started thinking about my million dollar song
Being high was fine ‘til I found in my mind
I hadn’t gotten anything done
So with a straighter head
I wrote this one instead
This is my million dollar song
This is the one I call my million dollar song

Seen and Masked Without Guilt

Written By: Pete Waggoner (BMI)

Seen and Masked without Guilt

I’m gonna try for a mansion in the sky
With diamonds and rubies just the same
And I’m gonna hope that nothing will cloud my scope
For I can see great promise in my name

And I’m just sick of doubt
It’s something I could do without
Like someone who knows what it’s all about
Someone you point your finger to
To blame
Like me
I’m just one who just can’t see
The brighter side to every darkened day

I’m gonna go for something I don’t know
Intentions can cause deception when in vein
And though the limelight burns
Each one of us will take our turns
In choosing whether virtue is your gain

With one last leg I stand
Though many fail to understand
The underlying issue at hand
The balance between the fan and the name
And that’s where I draw the line
Like a frozen moment in time
Woven into
Each and his own design

Now I find I’m on my own
The stagecoach has left the town
To lead the load that now I leave behind
The tracks are silver lined
To lead a fool who still is blind
To what awaits in a distant town I’ll find

For no one knows how I felt
To be seen and masked without guilt
It won’t ruin the character built
If the hero dies the villain is still in rhyme
And that’s how my story goes
From one who’s taken to many blows
I’m down and out but I’m into what’s been up

Can't Get Enough

Written By: Pete Waggoner (BMI)

Can't get enough of you hanging around me
I can't get enough of you spending my money
I can't get
Can't get
Can't get enough of you

Monday we'll be out and I'll be spending my money
Tuesday I'm punching a clock for you honey
I can't get
Can't get
Can't get enough of you

Wednesday night I'll be buying you roses
Thursday I'm buying drinks 'til the bar closes
I can't get
Can't get
Can't get enough of you

I can't get enough of you, darling you know it's true all the things I do
were meant to please you

Friday night we're out and you'll be calling me James
And then I laugh in your face 'cause you don't know my name still
I can't get
Can't get
Can't get enough of you


2007 Boogie and 2009 Metropolis on Petrol Wagon Car Records

Set List

33 originals plus songs by John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters and Otis Rush