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I have a total of four finished CD’s of original music with another one on the way.
I’ve written hundreds of songs that I can play out with but have a hard time finding the extra time to record them all. My first CD is called “Mixed Genre” and was finished in 1999. It consists of 12 songs written from past years that depict my own life experiences as well as that of friends and influences in my life. I touch on four genres of music on this CD. Rock, Blues and Pop and Country.

My second CD was finished in 2004 and is called “Show Me Love”.
It’s all about relationships good and bad from family to friends and lovers and sends the message of love and romance to the listener explaining what to do and what not to do in personal relationships. Most of the population should be able to identify with songs on this CD.

My third CD is called “She’s The Lady” and is also about the ins and outs of love and the experiences my friends and I have had with it.

My fourth CD is called Internet Lover and is about finding love on the internet. Of
This is truly my own personal favorite all the CD’s I’ve done so far
I'm working on video streaming and airplay track production/submission right now.




Chris was vaccinated with music at a very young age. He was born in Ohio where he grew up listening to Elvis. Rock and Roll had entered his blood stream as a small child. His mother promoted music to him since his mind began to form.
His parents were die hard old style country fans with the exception of Elvis.
So he grew up listening to country as well.

Chris struggled with growing pains for music involvement through his teen years in a little town in Ohio where he spent most of his time hanging out with people much older than him that were playing in clubs and other events. He clung to his musical friends and his musical roots as all down his family tree were entertainers. He experimented with bands and musical instrumentation until he turned sixteen. He practiced guitar and singing every chance he got.

After his sixteenth birthday he decided it could not wait any longer.
Chris organized single handedly a battle of the bands contest with twenty five bands and rented the local fairgrounds arena to put on the show. It was as if it were meant to be. Somehow he convinced creditors he would pay at the end of the show.

Needless to say his advertising budget at age sixteen was pretty small so Chris went from one small town to another sometimes hitch hiking just to put flyers in the windows of businesses and to talk to small town garage bands about being in his show.

Incredibly, the day of the show came and the house was packed full.

What a night to remember. Chris had a special long tailed tuxedo made of stars and stripes by a girl friend that could sew like the wind.

The show was a major success and from that show Chris did a series of shows which are outlined and detailed in an autobiography he wrote about his life and musical experiences hopefully to be published and made available through his web site.

Chris continued putting on shows and there were some failures as well as some successes but the fun was worth all the stress he said.
He continued to write, practice his guitar and hang out or jam with all his musical friends.
After graduating high school he decided to go to an electronics school in New Orleans, Louisiana for a Specialty Degree in Electronics for Radio/TV Broadcasting.

When he started college in New Orleans he secured a job working in the Louisiana Super Dome as a stage hand.

He would help construct and remove the large stages that supported all the super groups that performed on them.

During the Super Dome shows he was assigned as a go for (gopher) to many of the acts that came there. He would bring them food and drinks, escort them around and more.

Chris said he has always been fortunate to always have had a knack for bringing the kid out in people at parties and events. He always chose to be the life of a party if given the opportunity instead of being on the sidelines.

He taught himself how to do impressions of multiple actors, singers and TV characters. This had never failed to get the party started and people having fun.

The first Super Dome project he worked on was the hilariously funny Bob Hope and a host of USO show entertainers like Raquel Welch, Miss America and others. It was a traveling USO show that normally entertained our troops overseas.

Through the years he hosted many DJ, live music events and club events along with some famous individuals in five star hotels that have hosted some extravagant parties for the rich and famous. Through these events Chris had the opportunity to meet and spend time with actors like Lola Falana, Bill Daily (of I dream of Genie fame), Frank Gorshen (The Riddler from Batman TV Series), Glenn Ford, Bob Crane (Hogan’s Heroes), Pete Fountain, Ed McMahon, Donna Summer, Barry White, Thelma Houston, Celi Bee, George Lucas, Ted Nugent, Led Zeppelin, Nazareth, Lou Rawls, Peter Frampton, The Dallas Cowboys, The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, The Denver Broncos, The Orange Crush Girls, Chuck Berry and many more.
Some other acts he met were Fleetwood Mac, many of the Disco stars, (too many to count) as well as stars like Cher Bono and Greg Allman.

He worked many shows at the Super Dome and was right in the middle of all the action. This helped reinforce his desire to be on stage for himself. Chris has been to many parties with the stars of rock and roll and Hollywood.

Chris has been in the middle of the music industry from a young age.
And therefore was able to just listen and learn from many of the greats in the industry. He kept on writing his own music and lyrics and playing his twelve string guitar part time at college campus’s, clubs and parties. He even played for a huge party for Pete Fountain at the New Orleans Hilton. Pete was the great Dixieland Jazz clarinet player who has performed on Johnny Carson for many years.
Chris became friends with the Fountain family and Pete wrote Chris a letter of recommendation for his performance.

Chris has attended four sep