Blue Embrace

Blue Embrace

 Hollywood, California, USA
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Professional, business minded hard rock band with original songs, stage presence, pro quality music gear,fan base and strong presence over the internet through our website and all the prominent social networks


I asked Blue Embrace front man Chris Wray to give me some details about himself for this bio. He responded:

“ I’m a little bit Ninja and a little Jedi. However...I’m mostly the son of Odin, Prince of Asgard, wielder of the mighty Mjolnir, in my mind. I like to play, anytime you’re ready let me know. I like to get loud.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

A little ninja and Jedi attitude couldn’t hurt when fronting Los Angeles based hardrock band Blue Embrace. Their complex sound and energetic stage show is just part of what would require those ninja qualities. Formed over time by trial and error Blue Embrace came to be in 2010 and has shared the stage with Korn, Black Eyed Peas, Shiny Toy Guns and Story of the Year. Blue Embrace is:

Oz Chiri: An Argentinian guitarist who immigrated to the United States in 1998. He came here with the inspiration of creating a hard rock band. Oz’s sound is definitely steeped in his Agentinian roots. Oz studied in a Argentinian music conservatory for 6 years, but missed his final exam stating: “I never really cared about degrees.” Think Randy Rhoads meets Steve Vai and splash a little tango energy in there and you get the picture.

Mike Mikesell: A staple American metal guitarist. Rhythmic, aggressive, distorted. Mike began as a Sax player being trained orchestrally before switching to Guitar. Played throughout So. Florida in punk bands. Moved to California to: “Go where the majority of rock history lives.”

Chris Wray: Vocalist. To quote: “ Go naughty or go home." Greg’s vocals are all about dynamics and range, he grew up singing in choirs, and underground bands. A true vocalist for sure. His tone recalls vocalists of the seventies and eighties, but maintains a melodic style all his own.

Mick Hanes: Drums. Mick was trained from the age of 6 six as a percussionist. Picked up drum set at the age of 10 and began playing wherever he could. After high school graduation became session player in the LA and Inland Empire area. Studies Jazz primarily and loves to bring the funk.

Blue Embrace writes music that recalls the experimental hard rock of the seventies mixed with the dynamic contrast of modern metal. Picture a small cramped rehearsal studio, poorly lit, feed back slightly permeating through the speakers. Five men hard at work the sound is almost non-existent at some points. Cigarette smoke thin and blue hangs faintly around their heads. Somewhere the smell of a joint still lingers. The vocals phase in and out, soulful. The lead guitar mirrors the melody, but changes it just slightly, much like Miles Davis riffing in years past. The bass, the foundation, is building a slow groove, dark and foreboding. Cymbals swell and mix with the distorted effects of a second guitar. The sound stops.


Suddenly the room is shaking as the five members explode into the last refrain. The pulse much like a freight train gathering speed. The vocals recall a woman or a land long lost. The music moves into a coda, intricate and wild as the guitars and drums traverse a long unison phrase. The smell of sweat. The smoke circles. The song comes to an end. The last note held by the vocalist resonates through the room. Then silence. Exhale. Then laughter. This is Blue Embrace.

The band is currently writing and recording material to be released in October of 2010. They have recently ventured into “webisodes” that will showcase the writing process as well as give insights to the members lives and overall creative process. The “webisodes” will be 5 minute video blogs available through the band’s website: In addition to viewing these “webisodes” fans are able to interact with the band, check show dates and preview audio from the new album. The band will continue touring the Southern California area through the writing process. For more information visit:,,,


Doomsday Machine

Written By: Blue Embrace

Doomsday Machine

Buried in my Grave
No chance of being saved
A worthy life has come now to an end
But that’s where the story begins

A single spark was all it took
To bring me back from the end
Now my soul is a machine
And I’m coming back to get you

Like a Doomsday Machine
Oh Yeah, like a Doomsday Machine

All that was flesh has been turned to steel
And now I’ve come for you
Said there’s no escape from the path of me
I’m the reborn Doomsday Machine

You can’t anticipate
You can’t retaliate
I will strike now when you least expect
And that’s where your story ends

A single thought was all it took
To bring God into machine
Now the Earth trembles before me
And I’m coming back to get you

Like a Doomsday Machine
Yeah, like a Doomsday Machine

All that was flesh has been turned to steel
And now I’ve come for you
Said there’s no escape from the path of me
I’m the reborn Doomsday Machine

In this final night
Will you stand and fight
As your world’s engulfed in flame

Now they run away
On this darkest day
From this doomsday machine…


Like a Doomsday Machine
Yeah, like a Doomsday Machine

All that was made has been burned to the ground
Now I’m all alone
And there’s nothing left to destroy but myself
Oh no!

Like a Doomsday Machine!


Written By: Blue Embrace


How much for your soul?
How much for your soul?

Was a cold night in November
I was walking alone
When along came a sight
I wish I’d never been shown

Out of the darkness
Came a woman so fine
And with a voice born in hell
She said “Your soul will be mine”

Could my eyes be wrong
Or is it just a dream
This beauty to my eyes
Is just a devil underneath

And I know she’s my bane
And I know she’s a lady

Run away!
For the love of God run away!

With the last of my will
I turned tail and fled
Though my heart and my bones
Seemed to be made of lead

Deep into the night
And up into my room
Turning all the locks
Upon my tomb

The sun is rising a new day is born
As I sigh now in relief
I spare a glance into the mirror
The lady’s smiling back at me

Run away! Run away!
You can’t run away….
Run away! Run away!
You can’t run away….
Run away! Run away!
You can’t run away.


How much for your soul?

I said now my soul is hers
I said now my time is done
If that ain’t bad enough
My torment’s just begun.

Don’t double-cross
A lady!


Written By: Blue Embrace


Tell you a tale about my life
Before the time of my rebirth
But certainly you know that everything
Must return to mother earth

Like rising in the west and setting in the east
You must forget all you have known
Nevermind the embers on my wings
Sit back and enjoy the show

I’ll fly high without a care
Till the final bell tolls
Can’t ignore the growing pain
I feel right now deep inside my burning soul!

I believe I can die…

Desperate I try to climb
But the world cries out “WAIT!”
Sweat and smoke pollute my lungs
I can no longer hold my weight

Muscles fail and then my will
As I begin to fall
Can’t ignore the glowing wings
Burning up in my last shrieking, dying stall!


Down towards the unforgiving surface
I spin out of control

Even when we’re flying we are falling
Towards the bitter end

And as I pass below the final cloud layer
I can hear the people scream

Looking like they’re gonna get their wish now
Here I come!!!!

From the ashes rising!
Fenix is rising!!!!
From the ashes rising!
We are rising!!!!
Fenix rising!!!!

A Tale Twice Myself

Written By: Blue Embrace

A Tale Twice Myself

Take this memory from me
Lest it finally drown me
Constant indecision
Lack of any vision

In this world that I’ve made
All my senses betray
Tell me I am dying
When I’m finally flying

This time’s too good for me
This man can’t have belief
In death I’ll find my peace
And both my minds cry out for release

Start it over again…
I don’t understand
Those are not my words
I must have misheard

I would never hurt you
And I could never trust you
Now this fragile mind
Destroys itself tonight

This time’s too good for me
This man can’t have belief
In death I’ll find my peace
And my minds both
need release.

Release Me…
Release Me…
Release Me…

Though the thoughts have faded
Forever I’ll be jaded
Darkness free within me
Destroying all I could be

This time’s too good for me
This man can’t have belief
In death I’ll find my peace
Oh… no peace…

The Battle for Hell

Written By: Blue Embrace

The Battle for Hell

And it’s time to charge again
Blackness is broken
By the flames
Off in the distance

In the fire
Our enemy conspires
To drive us from their land
Only they could love

And in the haze
We march to face
The demons deep inside
Our hearts

The sword is drawn
Now it begins
The final battle for hell…

10 years past
But we’ve prevailed at last
This land of nothing
Now is our home

But still shadows burn
Around every turn
They will not relent
Until we fall

And in the end
We must defend
This land of nothing
We did claim

The shadows rage…
We can’t contain…
This final battle for hell…

And in the end
We can’t defend
This land we lost it all
To claim

This world of flame
Cannot be tamed
We’ve lost ourselves…

And the circles are rising
And the circles are rising…
We cannot stem the tide
We must retreat
We must retreat tonight

And the world is falling…
And the world is fallen!!!
We’ve lost the battle for Hell…

Consume Without Haste

Written By: Blue Embrace

Consume Without Haste

Why do we always shield our eyes
From what’s really going on
Behind the closed doors


When will the masses all wise up
Take off all of their blindfolds
And see what they’ve become

This bitter life we make
Has lost all its taste
We still devour it
Consume without haste

I can be the chosen one
To lead us out of the darkness
And into the light
(Take us into the light)

I can make that brave first step
If you’ll just believe in me

This bitter life we make
Has lost all its taste
We still devour it

Consume without haste
This bitter live we’ve made
Has led us to the grave
But we still devour it
Oh yes we do!
Consume without haste
Without haste
Without haste…

Blind Before my Eyes

Written By: Blue Embrace

Blind Before My Eyes

I seek a sight I've never seen
I'd travel any length to make it true
And though they say my time is short
I'd crawl through my last day to see this through

Searching for a golden smile
Even as the darkness settles in
And deep inside it's emptiness
I will say goodbye to all I've been

Feeling for hope
As darkness settles in

I'm falling
I've no need of senses
Crawling my way home

The sun is eclipsed in my mind
I will never see it again
But I've no time to remorse
Have no need of feeling again

There's something odd about this place
An old familiar feeling in my heart
Could this be the place I loved?
How could I even tell it apart?

Hoping for a sign
That my journey's near it's end
I’m Dying
For the truth...
Let this blind man find his home...

I’m coming home…

The burning sands
Give way to ash
Those childhood dreams
A thing of the past

In endless night
A lonesome chill
And thus departs
The last of my will

Time is still
It waits for me
I reach towards
Where I'd hoped to be

And in the ash
I feel the stone
The last remains
Of my home

Casting pain aside
As my journey starts anew

I'm crawling
Nevermind the darkness
I'll find a new home...
Find my home...
Blind before my eyes…
Find my way home


Fenix full lenght
we do have tracks for streaming and radio airplay

Set List

Our set list can be arranged to do shows from 25 minutes to 1:30 hs

Repertoire as follows:

Doomsday Machine
A Tale Twice Myself
The Battle for Hell
Consume Without Haste
Blind Before my Eyes

12 more songs