Blue Eye

Blue Eye


Blue eye sings three part harmony folk music that one would want to listen to on a long drive, with the windows down and your feet up. We perform music that makes people move and feel good. Our leading melodies and choruses are memorable and we encourage our fans to sing along.


While attending the College of Charleston, Erin, Blake and Vikki tried out for the Vagina Monologues in 2004 and were selected to be "Musical Vaginas," which entailed writing, arranging, and performing the music for the show. We have been singing together since we met -- around the city of Charleston. As a band we work together well, creatively and musically on stage. We collaborate on songs and write all original music. Three out of the four members of the band have graduated college and the last one will graduate in May. We hope to make music apart of our lives and continue working together.


Deadline of Life

Written By: Erin Holaday

Verse 1: Twist and turn, burn the brain to learn, what they tell you, what they tell you.
I want a guide, with clothes of canvas, and boots to match and a hat with a feather, to catch that alligator, in my pocket.

Bridge 1: Hold me up high.
Sacrifice my body to the sky.
Burn your cigarette on my elbow,
let the scar go to show something important.

Chorus: I want to be so intertwined with skin and limbs that you can't find, my secret darkness, that hides behind myself. I want to be so intertwined your face and lips combine, your brain and mine, we make new thoughts with words and only good times.

Verse 2: I want to master the Chinese language from an unmarked book, wanna catch everybody's eyes without a second look. I want to be a strong and tall woman, with frightening glares and death defying stares, that will shock you all.

Bridge 2: You petty excuse, for a petty excuse for a hole in my sock, you don't know.


Brdige 2: Don't get so close here,
you don't know what you're doing here, go back to your land of the buffalo and yell something important.

Verse 3: Just build me a shining castle in the sand with french doors so pelicans can land upon my hands. I'll be yours forever, just like that, just catch that alligator in my pocket, and teach me your language from that unmarked book of yours, now there's a start.


Written By: Vikki Matsis

It feels like California stole my heart and all the people on the street don't know who I am and I can feel my heart beat in my hands.
I know that Carolina won't miss me and I've learned that life moves on even after you leave, I miss the ocean more than the ocean misses me.

Chorus: I lost my way in California, I lost my way from Carolina, I lost my way in California

I ask myself, how did I end up here, so far from what I need to know, it's just not clear, why does the time have to go by so damn slow.
Where have the classics taken me?
Give me the keys Moriarti and get back in the car. Your spirit's left here and you've come so far.


My eyes are open, but I can't see, all the grey skies and the rain that pours down on me. The Pacific brings me to my knees.
Someone asked me once, what did I miss the most. I answered I missed myself, the most. I missed myself, the most.


We released a demo in November 2006 entitled: Can't Say Goodbye. We have radio airplay at the College of Charleston's radio station.

Set List

Vindication, Gypsy Killer, California, Deadline of Life, Back to Reality, Sweet Water Tide, You Found a Girl, Brian Balladtree, Diary, In the Morning, Let Me
Spin, My World, Foreign Idol, Panama, Precipice, It’s You, Vacation from the Trees, Sweet Summer Breezes, What Do I Want, Can’t Say, Far Side Fix,
Wild One, Broken, Haunted Tree, Ickin, Open Road

We play two sets that are an hour long with a ten minute break. We cover: Silent in the Morning & Sample In a Jar-Phish, Closer to Fine- Indigo Girls, High and Dry- Radiohead, Wild Horses-Rolling Stones, Blue Sky- Allman Brothers Band, Hands-Jewel, Blackbird & Across the Universe- Beatles and many more.