The lyrics and music on this record is all about touching the heart of people. The best way to describe it would be to call it worship-music for the next generation. The music would best be discribed as Rock/R&B.


BlueEyesSoul started two years ago in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden.

The past years the band has played over hundred shows in Scandinavia and they have won great respect from both promoters and thousands of fans all over Scandinavia.

During summer 2006 the band has been on tour with one of Scandinavia top 3 artists: Carola ( or BlueEyesSoul has also been on a USA-tour to cities like Miami, Tampa, Nashville, Detroit and Los Angeles.

The Single "Gotta let it out" will be released worldwide on iTunes and in February. The single is produced by Mike Eriksson and BlueEyesSoul, mixed in Stockholm by Moh Denebi and mastered at Sterling Sounds in New York by Chris Gehringer (Nelly Fortado - Loose, Rihanna - A girl like me, Christina Aguilera - Just be free).

The record, which contends 12 brand new songs, will be ready for release in April 2007.


The band members has participated in several recordings:
Carola "Credo" and "Från nu till Evighet" - sold platinum in Scandinavia.
Passion "#1" and "Show the world" - sold over 5000 pcs in Sweden. Andrea Bocelli "Amore" - duet with Carola, song arrangements.

Set List

A typical set list would be 45-50 minutes. I would say that liveperformance is the strongest part with BlueEyesSoul.