Blue Fable

Blue Fable


Blue Fable performs and records a rich harmonic blend of acoustic folk, blues, modern celtic, rock and bluegrass. What you're experiencing right now is called Folk Fusion--a gluey compound of vocal harmonies that keeps us in your head.


Jason: Keyboards, bass and acoustic guitar, percussion.
Jason is a classically trained concert pianist who turned improvisational early in his professional career. Jason has performed locally and internationally in group settings and as a soloist. Performance locations include Austria, Portugal, New Zealand, and several US states including Seattle, Orlando, and the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics. When Jason is not performing or recording, he enjoys trail running, chess, cycling, tennis, photography, film making, and camping with his family.

Heather: Vocals, percussion and keyboards.
Heather received much of her training in performance arts from Kansas City and Des Moines. She has performed in community theatre and a variety of music venues. Solo vocal performances have spanned from Salt Lake City to Iowa, and as far as Portugal and Samoa. Her vocal sound has been described as "impactfully effortless" and she easily adapts to a variety of musical styles. She also writes and records original works. Aside from performing, she raises a talented family, serves as President of the Syracuse City Arts Council, enjoys gardening and a variety of creative endeavors from creative writing to fiber arts and painting. She can often be found curled up with a good book.

Melinda: Vocals, keyboards, percussion.
Melinda has been performing on stage since the 4th grade singing everything from 50s music to Big Band music to country. She received both music and drama scholarships from Snow college where she performed with their show choir and in several musicals. She has been playing the piano for over 25 years and began teaching at age 18. Some of Melinda's hobbies include running (to keep sane), sewing, gardening, reading and avoiding laundry at all costs. She's been married for 13 years with 5 vibrant children and one fabulous husband.

Brent: Lead and bass guitar, vocals, percussion.
Flawless in his playing, Brent often records his instrument tracks on the first and only take. Based on real life, personal experiences, his original songs always connect with his audiences. Brent has performed along the Wasatch Front in a variety of solo and band projects. Aside from performing, Brent enjoys road trips, cycling, and collecting music. Away from the stage, you're likely to find Brent camping, mountain biking, or doing his kids' homework for them.

Lisa: Vocals, percussion.
Music has always been part of Lisa's life. She comes from a very musical family and has been singing almost before she could walk. Lisa's daring personality brings a one-of-a-kind vocal depth to the stage. She has performed in many unique and diverse settings including Mt. Sinai in Egypt, the Utah state penitentiary, and various churches and synagogues in the US, Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Canada. She has also been involved with the arranging and producing of various recordings. Aside from singing, Lisa enjoys, reading, video and board games, hanging out with friends, collecting lighthouses and eating chocolate.



Written By: Jason and Heather Steed

Painted leaves are falling down
Summer has grown from green to brown
Guess you're about to take your leave
With the wind that bends the trees
Whistling down your lonely road

Like a dragonfly
That had another life
Like the seasons change
Like the sun will rise

The sun goes away but I don't mind
Things are in motion all the time
If you choose to stay then you're left behind

Like a dragonfly
That had another life
Like the seasons change
Like the sun will rise
Like a morning rain
Like a hurricane
You can't stop the seasons of your life
So, change

Give me your hand, don't stay the same
You'll hear me whispering your name

Like a dragonfly
That had another life
Like the seasons change
Like the sun will rise
Like a morning rain
Like a hurricane
You can't stop the seasons of your life
So, change


Written By: Blue Fable

Angel dreaming. Painted earth and crystal skies
Dawn is speaking, "Give me life, help me to thrive."

Angel waking. Darkened skies, she rubs her eyes.
Phoenix falling, so broken, flying too high

Angel weeping. From this place she cannot hide
Dawn is pleading, "Bring me the breath to survive."

Now she'll go to that place
Countless scars she'll erase.
What she took she'll replace
And the dawn will find her own skies
Phoenix will rise. Phoenix will rise.

Angel pleading. Shares a message with the wise
Dawn is grieving. Broken by flying too high


From the ashes, Angel finds new life.

From the ashes, painted earth and crystal skies
Phoenix singing,
Bringing something bold and new
From the ashes that Angel revived.

Set List

4:1 Covers to originals
Reasons Why
In Between Days
Lullaby for a Stormy Night
The World Spins Madly On
Beauty of the Rain
Or Am I?
Apocalypse Lullaby
Summer Wind
How Do I Keep from Singing?
Poor Man's House
One Voice
On the Air
White Rabbit
What You Are
With or Without You
How Did I Find Myself Here?
Verdi Cries
Coming Home
Norwegian Wood
Forgive Me
Amaze Me
Out of the Woods