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'Light of Day' was released in 2004 via various private outlets in Stornoway and Glasgow.



Bluefields have a long history together as band, dating back 7 years. As youngsters in the lively town of Stornoway, situated on a rock called the Isle of Lewis in Highland Scotland 5 friends decided they wanted to make some noise. Within a few months they entered the annual battle of the bands competition held in Stornoway town hall, calling themselves 'SPINDRIFT'. At that time it was singer Jason, bass player Steelie, guitarist Tierney, drummer McGeoghegan and other guitarist Brillo who went on to play a set which was worthy of a 1st place prize.. however due to corrupt and bias judgement from pityful judges the band were only awarded second place. The next year would prove to be difficult for the ambitious band as members McGeoghegan, Brillo and Tierney searched for the appropriate singer and bass player to fill the void in lack of ambition from the others. They found bass player Mackay and singer Murray and said left behind uncommitted members Jason and Steelie. Brillo left shortly after. So as a 4 piece cover band, in early 2002, Spindrift were finally clicking and at the ages of 16-17, Tierney, McGeoghegan, Mackay and Murray played their first gig together in none other than the Island famous 'Clachan Bar'. They had a pretty impressive setlist which stretched for the best part of 2 hours. It was rocknroll, oh yes, it was rocknroll. And when 'The Lewis Bar' offered them a reglular slot to keep the customers coming back it was clear that they had become the most respected new band on the Island. It was around this time that the first of their own songs were written. Songs like 'Make it Alone', 'Psychic Baby', 'Holding Back the Gun' and 'Mister Know It All' always went down well with the regular following they had developed. And so throughout the rest of 2002 and the first half of 2003 Spindrift went on to rule the music scene on the Isle of Lewis, Stornoway and made there name one to remember.... But in late summer 2003 all 4 members of the band left the Island for better shores i.e. Glasgow. Tierney and Murray shared a flat in Greenock where the band would practice and make a bloody racket, seriously pissing off the members of an old folks home which was directly across the street! They lived in Greenock because they were enrolled for a course on sound engineering in James Watt College. This was of great benefit to the band. Over the next 2 years, the band practiced and wrote songs and then used the recording studios they were entitled to use in the college. They didn't play many gigs, bar the odd one or two in the Lava Lounge but they did return home to play a tour of Stonorway in the summer of 2004. Fast forward a few years and the band has changed and developed their taste in music. Not only this but they have been forced to change the name of the band (formerly known as Spindrift) to 'BLUEFIELDS'. This was due to copywrite reasons. The new music they are writing is of deepest complexity. Phsychadelica drives them on. The latest addition to the band is the very talented lead guitarist Derek Healey who joined in November 2005. He is also from Stornoway and has played gracefully for many bands and is also a member of 'Our Lunar Activities'. The dawn of 2009 opens new doors for Bluefields, they have reformed in Stornoway where 4 of the members are now living. Tierney is missing from the lineup so Murray has had to pick up his guitar to make up the shortfall. It means Stornoway will be hearing a slightly different sounding band to before with new tunes such as 'Change' and 'Lost Your Soul' due for debut plays. The band are now aspiring to build up the setlist again, record an album and play as often as possible. Pure, full on, trippy vanilla cream.