Bluefish Fellows
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Bluefish Fellows

Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Established on Jan, 2015
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One of Chicago’s most promising bands on the rise is the Bluefish Fellows and they’ve just released their eponymous second album, which is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

The group consists of lead vocalist and bassist, Bob Barry, guitarist Brian Podlasek, Dan Kane on guitars and piano, and Tom Barry rounds out the group on drums and percussion.

The quartet has been making music together since the age of 12, when they all met in the heart of the Beverly neighborhood, on Chicago’s South Side.

Bluefish Fellows live gigs are becoming a runaway locomotive of powerful energy, raw talent, refined skill and vibrant showmanship. Having played shows at The Metro, House of Blues, Thalia Hall, Double Door, and Cubby Bear and an April tour of Texas, including stops in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and La Grange, the word-of-mouth is spreading. 

Two albums and hundreds of shows later, the Bluefish Fellows vision to keep recording and performing continues with great passion.

Recorded at Kingsive Sound Lab, Chicago, “Lazy Lacy” has been aired on Chicago’s 93.1 FM wXRT and is now available on all Touch Tunes jukeboxes. The boys from Beverly have also played live on Saint Xavier radio wXAV 88.3 FM and DePaul University’s radio station.

The 11 tracks off the new album reflect the blisses, honey-drips of romance, and the mundane occurrences of everyday life all while set against the backdrop of the modern times we live in.

“I would hate to label our sound as Indie Rock, but I think that's what most people would say it is,” explains Bob. “Maybe a little Rock ‘n’ Roll. A little bit of Blues influence. You use what you know.”
And the Blues legacy, the city’s most recognizable cultural signature it has ever produced, is truly vindicated when the Bluefish Fellows put their twist on it.

“We just make stuff up,” says Dan, “but the music always changes depending on what we listen to, and even live, we will change how songs go.”

To see Bluefish Fellows live is a must. There are the catchy and methodical lyrics sung from Bob Barry’s maple-glazed, yet whiskey-scorched voice. His stage presence is unruffled, smooth and professional. There’s Dan Kane, the high-energy, crowd engaging, and wild riff-making guitarist that everyone in the audience can’t wait to toss a beer back with after the show. Then there’s Brian Podlasek, the extremely gifted guitarist whose passion is showcased on every single pick or strum. The shimmering notes he hits truly resonate within the soul of the listener as he coolly goes about his work. And then there’s the big man in back anchoring the band and pounding the drums like they owe him money. To watch a group change speeds, genres, and styles while sneaking in subtle hints from their musical influences, is what a great band is all about, and that’s what Bluefish Fellows do with constant and rich desire.

To bottle the thirst for the group’s direction and future, after being asked the old classic: “If you were stranded on a deserted island and only have the option of listening to three albums, what would they be?” Brian responds, “Our Bluefish Fellows CD's. To remind me where I'm trying to get back to.”

The four from Beverly, now in their mid-20s, have been evolving their talents, friendships and chemistry for over a decade now. Their sense of humor, comradery, and love for music is so genuine, and blatantly obvious, they’re nostalgic to be around.

“Growing up, I shared a room with our oldest brother Tim,” Tom recalls, and on the verge of cracking up. “He was playing music and in bands. Practicing your drums in the same room with your older brother was interesting at times. I was told I sucked a lot. But it was motivating.”

Younger brother Bob chimes in, “Tom would tell me my singing sucked all the time too. It was a trickle-down brother effect.”
“We wouldn’t let Bob in any of our bands for years,” Tom says, laughing. “But now, he’s so talented, he can kick me out of the band.”

The brotherly love and wit run amuck with everyone in the band. These guys are salts-of-the-Earth people, from the gritty side of town. Pure South Side Chicago. When talking about his favorite food, Tom, the burly dude who hits the drums so hard he probably wears brass knuckles while practicing, replies: “Pizza and anything pizza flavored.”

The Bluefish Fellows are a talented, fun, and animated bunch of friends and family, who just happen to make great music and their fans craving for more of it. They hold their future delicately in their hands and are willing to give it to any music lover with a graceful toss.