Blue Fog

Blue Fog


Blue Fog is celebrating its 7th year of rocking the Midwest with its high energy mix of rock, soul, blues, and Latin music. Come see why Blue Fog is such a popular live act.


Blue Fog has been entertaining audiences across the Midwest since 2001 with its mix of blues, rock, and country classics and originals. As we enter our 7th year, we are more excited than ever to get out and play for our fans. Blue Fog specializes in high energy rock, blues, Latin, and country music from all eras, and our audiences of all ages always have a great time! Take a listen to our demo and you’ll hear why. Check out our site at and get to know Blue Fog.


I Know You

Written By: Roger Sosa

I Know You

Verse 1
I know you
You’ve been here before
You’ve got that look on your face like you’re
Knockin on a familiar door

I know you
You’ve got that certain smile
The one that my friends all have when they’ve
Laughed for a while

Verse 2
You know me
The notes I play sound right
Like distant memories of a
Long hot summer night

You know me
My old familiar friend
We share an ancient tale
One that will never end

Don’t want to live with you
I don’t know how to
And I’ve nowhere else to turn
Come on, baby
Drive me crazy
I’ve got so much to learn

Verse 3
You love me
And I love you too
All of these years gone by
Is it proof enough for you?
I love you
And you know it’s true
Deep in my heart it seems
My love comes back you

Duerme Te Mi Nina

Written By: Roger Sosa & Blue Fog

Duerme te mi Niña

Duerme te mi Niña
Duerme te mi amor
Duerme te pedazo
De mi Corazon

Verse 1
Esta Niña Linda
Que nacio al dia
Quere que le lleve
A la dulceria

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
Esta nina Linda
Que nacio al noche
Quure que la lleve
A montar a coche

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
Esta vieja fea
Que esta borracha
Ya esta dormiendo
En nuestra casa


Under Construction 4 Song EP 2007
You can hear our music at:

Set List

We typically play shows of 3 - 3.5 hours. We have a very diverse repertoire with rock, Latin, Blues, Soul, and Country classics and originals. However, we usually rearrange cover tunes to make them uniquely our own. We play about 25% original music. We usually play 3 hourlong sets but can adapt that to fit the venue. Below is the set list from a recent gig:
Set 1
Unchain My Heart
Queen of New Orleans*
Oye Como Va
Well, Alright
Crazy Mama
When I Get Down to Thinkin
Folsom Prison
I Know You*
Friend of the Devil
Soon As I Get Paid
I’m Tired
I Got a Line on You

Set 2
I Know You Rider
Don’t Get Around Much
Chan Chan
Walked All the Way to E. St. Louis*
Hey Joe
La Bamba
Duerme Te Mi Nina*
Leah’s Shuffle*
Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burnin’
Feels Like Rain

Set 3
Rosie’s Stomp*
I’m Ready
Just My Imagination
Midnight Rider
Yo Lo Se*
The Weight
Stormy Monda