Blue Fur

Blue Fur


If Gwen Stefani and Mick Jagger had four kids who took music lessons from the Doors and X, watched nothing but Sesame Street and Quincy reruns, and hung out with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Sleater-Kinney...that's Blue Fur.


Blue Fur formed in 1996, the result of some good college friendships and bad post-college breakups. The current lineup has been in place since 2004. Their first CD, BLUE FUR, was named "manager's favorite" at Borders Books in Phoenix. The single "Baby Let's Drive" got airplay on KZON, and became the #1 downloaded MP3 on the Arizona Republic newspaper's website. The entire album appeared in the soundtrack of the independent film, The Integration of She, in 2003. The band opened the NHL Playoffs at America West Arena, opened for Bryan Adams on the main stage and played the GoGo's sidestage at the Fiesta Bowl Block Party two years in a row, opened for America at a Scottsdale resort, played Molly Malone's in LA, and performed with Goo Goo Dolls' drummer Mike Malinin, and opened for the Gin Blossoms at Hayden Sqaure Amphitheatre in Tempe.

Since the recent release of their second CD, CAGE FREE, in January 2005, has met with good press and the track "China" was the finalist in KALT's Battle of the Bands and is being played on KALT and Arizona State University's the Blaze. The band opened for Blues Traveler and Collective Soul at the 2005 Tempe Music Festival, played to hundreds at the Phoenix Art Museum and was given a feature location at the PF Chang's Rock n' Roll Marathon, in addition to being selected to perform at a press showcase event in Scottsdale. Blue Fur has played everything from four-guys-at-a-dive-bar-at-1-am shows to thousand-person festivals in Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff.

But the band's favorite place to try out new material on its unsuspecting audience is the funky galleries of gritty Grand Avenue, where the band isn't afraid to get truly physical on stage and make a ton of noise with its latest pop-punk creations, which are due for another new release in Fall 2005.


Cage Free, 2005, self-produced nine-song album

Blue Fur, 2001, self-produced fourteen-song debut album

She Said, 2002, Arizona Anti-Tobacco Benefit Compilation album ("Let Me Go")

The Integration of She, 2002, indie film soundtrack (ten tracks from 'Blue Fur')

PF Chang's Rock and Roll Marathon Compilation, 2004 ("Too Soon To Go")

PF Chang's Rock and Roll Marathon Compilation, 2005 ("China")

Set List

Blue Fur often plays two to three hour sets of rock originals and covers, or can whittle it down to forty minutes of in-your-face pop-punk, if you'd prefer. When we do the occaional cover, we do X, Glen Campbell (yes, it's true, but we do disco versions..), Sleater-Kinney, the Pretenders, and the Romantics. Everything else we play is ours.

Whatever you need us to handle, we'll make it happen. We just love to play and want to do it as often as you'll have us.