Blue Haired Ladies

Blue Haired Ladies


BHL plays Rock-n-roll that is grounded in blues, roots, island and jazz. They weave psychedelic jams into their varied sets, and they push the limits of the live performance. Their improvisational approach to live music promises interesting sets, and assures a freshness for each show.


Blue haired ladies formed in 2007 with three musicians bringing years of original musical experience together to create an eclectic rock n roll sound. The band plays a fusion of blues, bluegrass, jazz, soul, island, and roots and has quickly established themselves as high energy live band by playing their music in improvisational style generally reserved for bebop artists. One often hears the phrase "you have to see it to believe it" and that can certainly be said about BHL.

Booking: Grapevine Talent, Bob Fortin 706-754-0067


The self-titled debut album, "Blue Haired Ladies", 2008 BHL Records. Available for a listen or download at and myspace.

Set List

BHL are known for high energy live performances and their Sets are 45 - 60 minutes. BHL has an extensive catalog but limits performances to two sets.

BHL can provide one set of "original" material, and they make cover material their own by playing unique and personal versions.

A typical set would include:

Oh Sister
Starry Mama
If You Ain't
Milk Cow Blues
Don't You Know
Stellar Spaceship Blues
Us Today
Thrill is Gone
I Shot the Sheriff
Down to Seeds and Stems Again Blues
I Ain't gone be the One Left Hanging Around Magnolia
West LA Fade Away

BHL can play hundreds of different songs so their sets are constantly evolving. Plus BHL often have special guests appearances to help test their musical and artistic limits, and keep things interesting for the musicians and audience alike.