Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven

 Portage, Michigan, USA

Blue Heaven is a Gospel Blues group performing original Blues that will energize your soul from their CD "Blues No More and Along Gods Highway Live". Blue Heaven is a must see act with smoking-hot blues. Lead Singer David Brummett (BRUMMY) will entertain you with God's songs!


Blue Heaven Gospel Blues performance provides a message of hope for the lost. You will see Blue Heaven at missions, in the streets getting their feet dirty spreading the Gospel of Jesus.
Performances are designed and arranged to play venues ranging from churches, festivals, private parties, schools, clubs, corporate functions and conventions, as well as opening for national acts at major venues. Blue Heaven is a must see act. Not to be missed by any one young or old!

Blue Heaven is the culmination of decades of experience performing in local and regional groups. Blue Heaven has opened for acts such as Anthony Gomes and Magic Slim & The Teardrops. Blue Heaven was established for the love of our Lord, and the gift of music as an answer to the Blues of mankind.


Blues No More

Written By: blue heaven

I've got the blues no more
You see I'm walkin' God's highway
Don't have those old man troubles
From doin' things my way
Gonna walk this narrow road
I've got the blues no more

I've got the blues no more
You know I'm stayin' in the light
Don't need to find myself alone
Or stay out late at night
Gonna walk this narrow road
I've got the blues not more

The answer to the blues
Is found in the book, God's Word
And you can find it too
If you take the time to look
Keep seeking the truth
And open up your eyes
Don't hold your head down
There's joy in the skies


Original CD 2004 Blues No More - see []
Our song "Church on the Hill" is played on the "Hymn-Time" program at FM radio station WNWN Battle Creek, MI; and our CD has also been showcased on "Local Talent Roundup", Mecosta MI, WSCG Greenville, MI. WRKR 107.7 Kalamazoo, MI; Sunday Blues.
The song Church on The Hill has also received honorable mention with the Songwriters contest for 2006.

Set List

Our show consists of Original Gospel Blues. Our set list and duration are designed to suit the venue. Our show may range from 90 minutes to four 45 minute sets. Blue Heaven plays
Heaven Sakes (Original)
Snake bite (Original)
Seek (Original)
Feelin' Jesus (Original)
Blue Haired Lady (Original)
The Walk (Original)
Jesus Rocks Me (Original)
Amazing Grace (Blue Heaven Style Gospel)
Heaven Man (CO- Wrote Original)
Heaven Bound (Original)
Funky Cell Phone Blues(CO-Wrote Original)

All songs written By David Brummett And Blue Heaven.