A classic blend of the American music traditions, slapped on the ass by rock n' roll.


Blueheels are a high-energy rock/folk/country/blues band that want to entertain you with the great songs they perform as a group. No gimmics, no image, no hype, no alt- this or alt-that......just great songs written and performed by people who love to play music together.

Robby Schiller provides the framework for some of the best songs a human being can possibly write and they are fully realized when filtered through the group of talented musicians that surround him. His lyrical style has been compared to Paul Simon, Hank Williams Sr., and Randy Newman, but his songwriting talent is paralleled by no other artist.

The genuine rock n roll rhythm section featuring Adam Cargin (drums) and Justin Perkins (Bass) are capable of channeling Dee Dee and Marky Ramone just as naturally as they could back Willie Nelson, while Justin Bricco's lead guitar playing magnifies the emotion behind each song's story and takes the energy of the music to soaring highs when stepping into the spotlight.

Blueheels want to make you laugh. Blueheels want to make you cry. Blueheels want to make you dance. Blueheels want to entertain you with great songs played by real people. Come to a show, have a drink, share a laugh, and let us do what we do.



Written By: Blueheels

I love to watch your silent lips, they curl into a smile
I love to see your hair messy and wild
Id love to take you out tonight, oh darlin if i could, i'd do my best to treat you real good

And maybe..if you like me...we can drive to Tennesee.

You can take your violin
Ill take my guitar
You and me and shadrack we can pile into my car
Drive all night and drink coffee
Till' we get to Tennesee

I cant seem to speak the words that i want you to hear
I cant even whisper them my dear
Try so hard to swallow and im not sure what to do
So i just steal these glimpses of you

And maybe...if you like me...we can drive to Tennesee


If i said i loved you now it would not be a lie
I would look right into your eye
You must understand that i've always been kind of shy
I never really understood just why

But maybe...if you like me...we can drive to Tennesee


This Child

Written By: Robby Schiller

Daddy came one day
Took us for a night out on the town
You could almost hear him sayin it as he walked away
This child ain't holdin' me down

This child is just a complication
This aint the life i asked to live
Think i need a permenant vacation
I've given all i have to give

Hear her mother sayin'
I dont need that man to get by
People do it everyday
I wont let my daughter see me cry
This child is all i ever wanted
This aint the way i wanted it to be
Lord i know i said that i quit prayin' long ago
But now i need you to be hearin' me

No one else around
She'll walk right down the middle of the street
On a faded yellow line
Like a wire to balance on beneath her feet

And every single fourth of July
It seems this desert city catches fire
This child dont stop to wonder why
It happens every time
She's happy just to walk along the wire

Stupid Little Smile

Written By: Robby Schiller

Guess I wasnt listening
in school when i was there
Grades said Im an idiot
or maybe just dont care
Smokin weed and skipin class
just a skinny little punk
When i wasnt gettin high,
i was getting drunk

i was just a kid
im just somebody's son
i just smile


Yeah I found a song to sing
found something to say
If im bein' honest i aint changed
in any way
Still think about the girl i loved
when i was back in school
Back when i was just a kid
Oh kids can be so cruel

I fall in love with classic cars
electric guitars and dead movie stars
Guess that makes it easy
to break my heart

Listen for your voice at night
cause all the money's getting tight
Want you to tell me thats alright
Tell me thats alright

Well i found a song to sing
i found somethin to say
If Im bein honest I aint changed
in any way
Still think about the girl i loved
when i was back in school
Back when i was just a kid
oh kids can be so cruel

i was just a kid
im just somebody's son
i just smile

Stupid little smile

Flyway Highway Theme Song

Written By: Robby Schiller/Brett Jannusch

Wack em and stack em
Waders, decoys, shells, and dont forget the i-way
Go tell the Misses you're doin the dishes
Its time to hit the FLYWAY HIGHWAY

Craig is always missin
Cause maybe he cant see
And Harold finally did get his
Craig will shoot his mouth off
while Harold shoots his gun


There goes another one!

I'll see you on the FLYWAY HIGHWAY


LONG GONE (Self-Release) 2006
New Full-Length due out NOVEMBER 24th 2007

Set List

BLUEHEELS currently have about 4 hours of original material. Once in a while we throw in a medley of cover tunes if the crowd would like that sort of thing, but we try to stick to original music when possible. Our shows consist of anything from 45 mins to three 80 min sets or more depending on the night and the venue. We are also capable of doing a stripped down acoustic performance for low volume situations.

Original Material Includes:

Stupid Little Smile
Its Time That We Head Home
Evelyn Song
I Came In Too Late
Sleepin In The Driveway
I Try Not to Love Her
One False Move
The Hands That Harmed You
Holiday Parade
Small Western Town
Dandilion Wine
Rock N Roll Haircut
Down But Not Out
Keep Your Mouth Shut
This Child
Reason To Cry
Red Pajamas
Up All Night
I Stumbled In
Carlos' Sunday Shoes
Tyler Song
Forward Motion
Billy The Kid
Midwestern Song
Wedding Day
Girl In The Back Of My Mind
The Drunk
Flyway Highway