Blue Horizon Bluegrass Band

Blue Horizon Bluegrass Band

 Amherst, Nova Scotia, CAN

Together for 6 years, they have formed a bluegrass band like no other. Consisting of Sisters and besty friends, they capture a true traditional bluegrass sound. Nominated in 11 catagories at the 2008 ECMBA's, They are always remembered by their talents and enthusiastic performances


You've got to see their performance.... You've got to hear them play.... If you like bluegrass music, you'll love this band. They all sing, and they all play. This is why this band is so unique. With both male and female lead and harmony vocals, no song ever sounds the same. With Joe on the cryin' dobro, Larry drivin' on the "5", Mary thumpin' on the big old bass fiddle, and Jessie keeping the rhythm with her ever so solid "chop" on the mandy, there is no doubt you'll love this band.

This multi-award winning bluegrass band has captured the hearts of many bluegrass music lovers. Over the last 6 years, Blue Horizon has molded their multi-talented instrumental and vocal skills together to form a unique, dynamic, hard-driving sound. They keep the traditional sound alive adding a bit of their own charisma. Seen live, this band is always remembered by their fun, young, energetic shows. With "Most Promising Band of The Year for 2006" and "Dobro Player of The Year for 2007 & 2008" by their name, Blue Horizon will surely grab your bluegrass attention!

Other well know bluegrass awards held:

1st Place Band at the Rollo Bay Bluegrass Festival Competiton - 2003

1st place band at the Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Showcase - 2004

Nominated in 11 catagories at the 2008 Eastern Canadian Bluegrass Music Awards

Placed 7th out of 24 bands in the International SPBGMA Awards competition (Society of Preservation of Bluegrass Music Association) held in Nashville, TN - 2008

Rhonda Vincent, Tony Rice, Rickey Skaggs, Danny Paisley, Jim and Jesse, Jimmy Martin, Louvin Brothers, III'rd Tyme Out, Bill Monroe, Osborne Brothers, Stanley Brothers, and many more


Cumberland County Train (No Stoppin' Now)

Written By: Jessie Haley

There's no time to talk to you right now..
I'm going to see my baby, you might think i'm crazy, but i'm heading out.
I'm in a hurry to catch that train..
Haven't seen my baby, here's hopin' maybe that he missed me.

I'm on the Train of Cumberland
Last stop Kentucky
Hope he hears me comin'
as the wistle blows...
There's no stoppin' me now
I'm on my way to see my baby.

Down through the valleys, by the lakes and streams
Memories of my darlin', soon i'm gona hold him and in his arms I'll be.
When he left for Kentucky..
he told me that he loved me, that he'd always think about me, and he kissed my lips goodbye.

Chorus X2


Released March 2006 - 1st Album "no more tears" ~ Nominated at the ECBMA's for Album of the Year.

Released December 2007 - 2nd Album "No Stoppin' Now" ~ Nominated at both the Eastern Canadian Bluegrass Awards, and the ECMA's for "Bluegrass Album Of The Year".

Released July 7th, 2010 - 3rd Album "My Saviour"

Origional Material/Songs:

My Mother Marjorie - written by Jessie Haley

Cumberland County Train - Written by Jessie Haley

My Saviour - Written by Jessie Haley

I Found Jesus - Written by Jessie Haley

Hallelujah - Written by Jessie Haley

no more tears - written by Larry Rushton

The Bluenose - written by Larry Rushton

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contact info:
Mary Haley phone # 902-660-2138
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Set List

We can provide 4 - 45 minute sets.