blue horns

blue horns


Sharp, jangled guitar lines fighting it out over a rumbling rhythm section. the vocals in blue horns howl over distant chants and pounding drums. You are going to get your rock and roll.


“Blue Horns has the punk aesthetic of 1970’s
pioneers Television, but the mass appeal of
Bowie. What was once just a Portland band
with promise is on its way to gaining a
reputation in the Northwest scene.”
- Seattle Weekly

“A blissful insanity in their execution that gives
that band more substance (and less predict-
ability) than other morepolished bands of the
same ilk.” –WillametteWeek

“BrianPark’svocals have a joyous, snotty
energy, and the whole band sounds like the
soundtrackto a glorious, sun-bakedPortland

"BlueHorns self-titled debut is a piece of pie,
full of promise; wicked success may be on the
horizon" –

From the dark woods of Portland, OR, Blue
Horns have been converting the
beautifully dressed and charmingly
demure denizens of their city into
wild-eyed beasts, taken in by the band’s
pummeling beats and warbling cries.
Numerous raved about shows at
Holocene, Backspace and Doug Fir Lounge
along the likes of Starfucker, Blue Giant,
The Evangelicals and Hockey have vaulted them toward the front of a
new batch of band’s emerging from the northwest.
Blue Horns rose out of an evolving cast of Portland musicians recruited to
fill out the songs written by Brian Park over the last three years. Blue
Horns came together in ’07 as the most collaborative of these
incarnations. At this point, a more focused eye fell on all parts of the
songwriting..lyrics, guitar interplay, the visceral nature of the drum
beats..all of these things put in place to send each song running head
over heals at the listener. In addition to Park on vocals and guitar, Blue
Horns features Colin Howard (guitar, vocals), Brian Kramer (drums, vocals)
and Andrew Stern (bass).
The band has been playing shows relentlessly all over Portland for the last
year and a half shaping their sound and relationships with other great
local bands. Focusing on smaller face-to-face clubs, gave the band a more
immediate reaction from the crowd on the evolving sound. The crowd
has steadily grown with the venue size, leading to a raucous album
release at Portland’s Backspace.
The Record was recorded in a weekend in July of ’08 with a few overdubs
added at Old Standard Studio in Portland. The recording survived a flood
and postponed the record for over a month before the band was able to
go in and frantically lay down the final touches. Blue Horns is 8 tracks of
rolling drums, agile bass lines and frenetic guitar lines interplaying with
one another as if the band resides on Marquee Moon and the yelps and
howls of Park’s unique vocals bring to mind classic T. Rex or the more
contemporary Wolf Parade. Standout tracks include “Shotgun Wedding”,
“Let’s Go Hunting” and “Ships Sink.”


Album out Summer/ Fall of 2008.

Set List

average 40 minute set. All original material.
This is all we have
Boots on
Shotgun Wedding
I will eat you up
Lets go hunting
33 crows
Ships sink
God had other plans