Blue JAM

Blue JAM


Singer songwriters based in the Southern Highlands of NSW Australia.


A mixture between folk, folk rock and acoustic melodies and ballards



Written By: Mark Bonner

I look at life through different eyes
See things I never knew or thought to try
Emotions so strong I'm not sure its me
Is this a new beginning - is this real?


The longer I remain locked inside my dreams
The harder it is to take that step ahead


Here I am
Look at me
On the crossroads of life
What do I see
Am I safe - do I need a hand
Or do I stay here alone
Without a sound

The world has changed - forever gone
There is only tomorrow and life moves on
Some dreams have faded
Others are reality
And the fear of the unknown burns deep inside of me

Make those decisions seep within my soul
Or lose my mind and make no sense at all


Fate takes a hand at every turn
Takes you to the heavens - then makes you cry
Why play this game of life if its so unfair?
Beacause there's a chance to win juct one more time

So I'll take my channces on this merry-go-round
Of life - sometimes up and sometimes down


Left Field

Written By: Mark Bonner

Slowly take my hand
Make me understand
Love is the strength
Love has the power to heal

Turn my heart from stone
Take me to the unknown
Falling for you
Turning to you and your smile


Take me there - hold me there forever
I know how I feel - it seems so surreal - to me

Your body in my arms
The flow of life as we dance
The rhythm so smooth
My mind starts to loose conrol

Just that moment in time
As I start to unwind
The sound of your voice
The touch of your hand in mine


Coming out of left field
No time to think or feel
That look in your eye
The warmth of your smile - and I cry


Written By: Mark Bonner

Lying here beside you
Life feels so good
So much raw emotion
Feelings understood


But I know deep inside
There are feelings I try to hide
That will be there deep inside
For Evermore

No regrets or time for sorrow
About the way I feel
Takes me to the highest heights
Makes me feel so real

So I look forward to tomorrow
Another day with you
I don't feel pain or sorrow
Because our love will see us through

And I know deep inside
There is no fear I need to hide
When I'm with you - for Evermore

Should be in my arms

Written By: Mark Bonner

I sit here and watch the sunrise
Thinking of you
Watch the ripples in the waves
Thinking of you
Wonder what your doing now
So close - but oh so far
You should be in my arms

When sunlight casts a shadow
Across my day
A mirror image of your face
Will light my way
Wonder what your doing now
So close - but oh so far
You should be in my arms


As the setting sun goes down
Leaving me on my own again
I'm still thinking of you

You're smile in the morning
Starts my day
The sunlight in your hair
Takes my breath away
Wonder what your doing now
So close - but oh so far
You should be in my arms

When she cries

Written By: Mark Bonner

When she cries
She cries alone
Tears like rain
Upon the sand
When she laughs
She laughs out loud
To show the world
She's not in pain

Oh my love....

We understand
How you feel
A love so strong
But oh so real
Where do you go
When your so sad
Just remember the times you had

Oh my love....

When she cries
She cries alone
Tears like rain
Upon the sand
She cries for love
Now long gone
And seeks to find
Her peace of mind

Oh my love....


We have a demo CD with 10 songs recorded live in one session in a local studio. We are happy with some of the songs, but others require re-working.

Set List

No set list and we do play some covers