Blue Jazz

Blue Jazz


Blue Jazz is a unique jazz band destine to become one of the top 10 jazz bands in the world. With a sound that is rare and mystifying, it would seem that they are taking jazz to it's next level. And judging from the crowds they draw, at their concerts, it would seem to be a good thiing.


Blue Jazz is a band that has been influenced by great musicians such as Miles Daves, John Coltrane,
Quinncy Jones, and Charlie Parker just to name a few. And it is throuogh these influences, is what has help create the unique sounds of blue Jazz


Blue Jazz startered it's recording career in the early
80's with their first two releases with remain in the top ten for a period of 2 months and in the mid 90's
they came back with another two releases which one was in the top 10 for 3 months. In 2003 Blue Jazz released a single CD that when platilum. And now we are ready to release our latest Cd in 2007

Set List

When Blue Jazz do a gig our set usaully consist of 3, one hour shows, featuring tunes from our CD's
and standards like Satin Doll, Green Dolphin Street
Misty. Some of the Tunes from our cd's are Day Dreamer, Cozy Afternoon, Are You There and Night Wind