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In the past, the wiggling snake that is bluejuice has prided itself on being one of the few Australian hip hop acts to totally ignore our obvious social and political problems, both at home and abroad, and concentrate on being stupid, really stupid.

While it would be appropriate to say the band have few ambitions beyond their varied short and long-term lusts, in the past few months they have agreed that John Howard and George Bush are dirty cunts.

In response, bluejuice have decided to use their powers for good and bring down our conservative political daddies, both at home and in the USA, by being stupid, really stupid.

Yeah, stupid like a goddamn fox, stupid like an octopus. Stupid like one of those educated science chimpanzees what wears glasses. Look here ...

bluejuice is for anyone whose ever bitten into a rotten apple and just kept on eating, for anyone who invested their hard work and dreams in an isolated farming community, only to be attacked by wave after wave of zombies. The cure for what ails ya is the bluejuice.

Most importantly, bluejuice is for anyone who has ever been to a live gig and thought "This is fucked, why are those haircuts staring at their sneakers?". bluejuice is for anyone who thought it might be fun to get smashed on tequila and pretend to be James Brown for one golden hour while your peers grind themselves to dust around you.

Since forming, bluejuice have gigged for 3 years solid, imploding venues like the Metro, the basement and even the Entertainment Centre in Sydney, as well as Revolver (Melb), Esplanade (Melb), The Alley (Bris) and Great Northern (Byron Bay). They've played with local acts including 1200 Techniques, The Herd, Good Buddha, Hermitude, Butterfingers, Baggsmen, The Beautiful Girls, and Kid Confucius. And they had the honour of supporting DIZZEE RASCAL when he toured Australia in 2004 for Splendour In The Grass.

The debut EP was produced by Tony Buchen (producer and bass for Baggsmen) and Jacob Cook (producer for Vassy). Triple J played four out of the five songs and eventually lodged "Here We Go Now" on high rotation. In June 2004 they won first prize in the Brag Live! Competition (hip hop). They were also named MusicOz Artist of The Year in 2003, immediately gobbling the Sony-sponsored recording cookies in order to produce , their second EP. Expect to hear more songs than you expected to hear on radio.


'Zebraaazz' (EP) 2003
'The Good Luck Pig' (EP) 2005

Set List

Mad Squabbles
N**ki Gonna F*ck
Back Breakin'
The Madness
Phantom Boogie
The Reductionist
Motorcycle Accident
The Good Luck Pig
Bounce Back

Typical set: 1 hour