Blue Jupiter A cappella
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Blue Jupiter A cappella

New York City, New York, United States | SELF | AFTRA

New York City, New York, United States | SELF | AFTRA
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"Dogswalk Against Cancer"

Blue Jupiter rocked at Dogswalk! Tails were wagging and everyone was howling with delight!

I am looking forward to working with you again next year. Please keep Sunday, May 4 on your calender for Dogswalk! - Amy Kiplok

"Blue Jupiter @ Case Western Univeristy"

"Blue Jupiter put on an amazing show at my school! A Cappella is a big part of our campus life; we have six different groups! All of our groups warmed the audience up for Blue Jupiter, and then when they performed it was a smash. Despite being in a venue a little smaller than they were used to, they made their performance very high energy yet still intimate, and everyone was on their feet by the end! They also spent some time doing workshops with various a cappella groups before the show, and pushed one of our groups to break out of the ordinary semi-circle performance and learn to move around and work the crowd; everyone was surprised to see them perform that night."

From a University Program Board perspective, they were very easy to work with. They were very understanding when I told them that the venue we had would not be able to accommodate their tech rider. Both Diana and Marty were easy to contact and really helped me to put together the event that I had envisioned, and then they got up and sang too!

We were thrilled to have Blue Jupiter performed and they really surpassed everyone's expectations for an a cappella performance. They are sure to be a hit anywhere they perform!" - University Programming Board

"Blue Jupiter @ South Lakes High School"

"Blue Jupiter's energy is contagious! My high school chorus students were in awe of their astounding musicianship and unique sound."
- Rita Gigliotti - Choral Director

"Young Audiences of Connecticut"

Blue Jupiter always does a great job educating children and sharing their music during their school and community performances.
After our last Artist Showcase at McKinley School in Fairfield, Blue Jupiter was asked to do a spur of the moment concert on the school playground at the end of the school day. Of course blue Jupiter agreed to stay! What a fantastic experience for the children and their parents who came to pick up their children!!! Children, teachers and parents gathered-no one wanted to leave school that day-everyone had such an amazing time!! - Eileen Carpinella

"Review of Ear Candy"


I think that's the best way to sum up my feelings about Blue Jupiter's Ear Candy, as thoroughly polished, fabulously arranged, magnificently produced, and fantastically sung a debut album as a group could ever hope to release.

Those who like rockin' covers should check out Blue Jupiter's take on Stevie Wonder's Sir Duke, or their spin on the Santana-Rob Thomas collaboration Smooth, or the Harmony Sweeps Chicago Regional co-winner for Best Arrangement, Mr. Pinstripe Suit from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Wanna hear these guys tackle something a bit more ballad-y? Have a listen to the gospel-influenced Hallelujah, originally by Leonard Cohen. OK, but can they write their own stuff too? Sure! The Sean Altman-esque Green Shaggy Carpet Ride is a treat, and Nightlight, acoustic guitar notwithstanding, has some of the most poetic lyrics I've heard from a pop a cappella group in some time.

Any gushing review for this terrific effort from Blue Jupiter needs to single out Marty Gasper, the latest triple (quadruple?) threat to hit the a cappella world. Yeah, the guy can sing, but his talents only begin there. All of the v.p. on the album is by Gasper, and I'm just baffled by the fact that I had never heard of this guy before now — he's fantastic. And just for good measure, Marty also was one of the engineers and one of editors on the album, and he mixed it too! If there's an MVP award for a cappella in the state of Minnesota, he gets my vote.

Yes, I have quibbles — even a rave review has a few qualifications. Blue Jupiter is a group of four guys and there is noticeably more than four guys' worth of music-making going on throughout the album. The v.p. alone is a 5th track in most cases, and some songs — most notably Stand By Me — have vocal harmonies that need more than 3 backup singers. One wonders what these guys sound like live, though their website shows a busy concert schedule, so I imagine they still manage to sound pretty darn good. Somehow the tricks don't bother me, because they're used to such wonderful effect. Whether the guys just have great instincts (since they engineered, edited and mixed the album themselves), or whether credit should go to their manager, Tim Kasper (of The Blenders), when the music is this good, the studio effects — be they overdubs, pitch adjustment/autotune (which, at least to my ear, sounds like it's used liberally throughout) or any other digital wizardry — just don't matter all that much to me.

A couple of other minor points. Chris Chatham, you have a killer tenor. But you don't have to try to be Scott Leonard to prove it. By the end of Sir Duke, you're pushing a little too hard. To all the guys, a little dynamic variation would be welcome. Don't get so wrapped up in how bright the sound is at the expense of a little finesse and feel. Lil' Red Ridinghood was the one that bothered me most. Sounds great, but the chorus is way too bright and in my face. Mellow can be good too, ya know. Keeping it a bit mellower in Stand By Me would have been nice too. And 99 Bottles of Beer as a theme to carry through the album? OK, it's cute the first time, but it gets old fast. The music speaks for itself ... the attempt at comedy just cheapens it.

But I'm really nit-picking here. I'm putting this one in my CD changer, loading up the MP3 player and calling all my fellow a cappella friends to give them a heads-up. Last year it was Cadence's Frost Free, a killer debut album from a group I'd never heard. This year it's Blue Jupiter's Ear Candy. Buy it. Now. Wow.


Ear Candy (2002) - Blue Jupiter's debut release was nominated for Best Contemporary Album of the year by the Contemporary A Cappella Society.

Scattered Flurries (2003) - This holiday album has received significant radio play during the holiday season and is a favorite among fans.

Blue Jupiter: Live in New York (2005) - Blue Jupiter Live in New York City is a collection of Blue Jupiter’s most requested songs. This album has received airplay in both the US and all over Canada.

Golden Lucky: 2007 - After performing 180 shows at the Sands Casino in Macau, Blue Jupiter decided to record some of the most requested songs of the summer. This CD features Diana Preisler.




Dubbed "The Blue Man Group of A cappella!", Blue Jupiter is a high-energy, pop-jazz a cappella quartet. Described as “The real deal,” by rock legend, Gene Simmons; “Incredible!” by Jane Pauly from NBC; “Nothing short of magic,” by the Sands Casino Entertainment Department, and “Simply the best music act we’ve ever had at our schools,” by a member of the Connecticut Public Schools Board. Blue Jupiter’s energetic blend of a cappella harmony and beatbox will have you on the edge of your seat, singing and clapping along, and in disbelief that everything you're hearing is simply four mouths, and four mics.

"Watch out for Blue Jupiter!" -Oprah Winfrey

Blue Jupiter is best known as the voices of Oreo Cookie, singing the national Oreo radio commercial since 2005. Over the past 6 years, Blue Jupiter has worked with famed producer and American Idol Judge Randy Jackson, sang with Livingston Taylor and performed on Oprah and VH1's Save the Music. They’ve headlined charity events for the American Cancer Society, The Red Cross, Braking the Cycle, Hartford Children's Hospital and many others. Blue Jupiter has been voted "Audience Favorite" multiple times at the Harmony Sweepstakes and has appeared at countless NACA (National Association of Campus Activities), showcases including the 2008 National Showcase in St. Louis.

Blue Jupiter’s notoriety flourishes overseas having headlined at the Sands Casino in Macau, China; performing at multiple theatrical venues in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and was the featured headlining act for the Fourth of July celebration for over 10,000 American troops at the Kadena Airbase in Okinawa, Japan.

Besides their main-stage theatrical performance, Blue Jupiter also tours across the country with one of the top arts in education programs for vocal music; "Blue Jupiter's A Cappella University".

Of course, when holidays roll around, its time for holiday festivities! November through January, Blue Jupiter presents their holiday show: Scattered Flurries. Their client list is a mile long, and jamming out with Blue Jupiter is the most fun you'll ever have at an office party! From high speed romps on Santa's run-a-way sleigh to heartwarming Christmas classics to danceable Chanukah favorites, this is a pitch-perfect show. Want to mix it up with Holiday tunes, and pop problem!