Emotional and dynamic, Bluekarma stretches many boundaries. Not afraid to touch on all styles that inspire them, Bluekarma is brash and powerful, but also slinky, sexy, and spiritual. Determined not to be pigeonholed in a time where rock radio has become predictable, but instead push the envelope.


This material is the culmination of a very frustrating two years of transition for a band that rose like a shooting star, won best of everything awards, best album, best song, best vocals, opened for Zwan, Evanescence, played Farm Aid and toured to the SW and California. While the musical world of Bluekarma was frustrating so was the life of America. The war in Iraq, the war on terror, the abdication of our civil rights, the destruction of our manufacturing infrastructure, the middle class and the potential end of America's idyllic way of life, at least the illusion of it. All here in the rusting heartland, where another election was stolen, all under the eyes of 4 young idealistic blue collar kids with music business books under one arm and Alan Watts books under another. The lyrics started to change.

The band decided they needed a change. The lead singer who also played rhythm guitar decided he wanted to get off the guitar so he could concentrate on singing. He recruited the 21 year old brother of Justin Holman, the lead singer of a band named Revis, formerly on Epic and a new band was born. Jacob the guitar player could now write parts Jeremy couldn't play while singing. Mark, the new member, was also a singer and knew how to write to Jeremy's voice. They changed their writing style from classic rehearsal writing to two or three band members getting together to craft songs and then teaching them to the rest of the band, recording them in the rehearsal room, honing them and then recording with an excellent young engineer/producer they found in Dayton. This started last September. The song Broken is the dividing line. They stopped playing in November. Song after song emerged, one better than the last until a concept began to form. The process continued every three weeks for months until we all slowly realized what had happened.

In the immortal words of Stevie Nicks' Rhiannon,
"All your life you’ve never seen a woman
Taken by the wind"

Bluekarma became a band taken by the wind, the cosmic wind of inspiration and creativity (three of them wear a Hindu creation symbol around their necks. A concept album began to write itself and they were in the right place to catch the draft. Riffs repeat, songs refer to each other. All without plan. They worked by day, wrote and rehearsed by night (four-five nights a week, week after week, month after month. They became the wind and they became the CD, ferociously intense and emotional as only true inspiration can be. They are on a mission to take a message to the world. They've written an album for our times when albums don't sell and people download singles. Well they have the singles, but people will want the whole CD. They will want the whole story, a story of disaffection, displacement, empowerment, destruction and re-creation. The cycle of life. With some bands, this project could become pompous and dangerous but they pull it off with sincerity and conviction. And power.

They have written a Rumors, an Appetite for Destruction, the first Nirvana record. A once in ten year album at the time we need it the most. A time when the music industry needs it the most. They've done it with a sound that has classical rock overtones, hard strong rock guitars over beautiful slow melodies and a singer with a voice and emotional substance and piercing blue eyes to pull it off. Someone who mesmerizes audiences just standing still on stage. Think Pearl Jam/Tool and U2.


Untouched Theory (EP)
Into The Dawn (LP) (Live)
The Communication (LP)
Change (Single) radio airplay
The Triode (EP)
The Nashville Sessions (EP)
Defend (Single)

Set List

45 min-1.5 hour set