Blueknight Connections

Blueknight Connections

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Blueknight Connections is one of Toronto's elite hip-hop groups. The versatility displayed by the group members is nothing short of amazing. Whether their rapping, singing or displaying there unique style of reggae, the Blueknight connections crew are leaders in each of these categories of music


Cammie Lymrix

Performing in a steel band since her jr. kindergarten days and well into her young adult years, Cameal Williams, A.K.A. Camie Lymrixs, couldn’t stop performing. The music and the stage gave her a sense of gratification. Her unique and soulful vocal rhythm, mixed in with her unlimited rhyming styles are just some of the reasons Camie was selected to perform in Canada’s first urban musical “Da Real Deal”. Every since then, she has been involved in two other theatricals, “ The Twelfth Night” and “Drugs as My Witness”. This Jamaicain beauty also gets enjoyment from performing in night clubs and lounges throughout the G.T.A . Realizing the talent amongst her and the desire to change and moisturize Toronto’s parched hip hop scene, Camie Lymrixs is now committed to getting her music exposed and wants passionately to see an advancement of hip-hop and hip-hop artist in Canada.

Lyrical Vision

Vision shocks people almost everywhere his mouth opens. It must have something to do with his segmented personality, transforming from a laid back man, silently observing his surroundings to an all out animated performer when the lights come on, or the cyhper starts up. One thing that's for sure about him though, is that he definitely has a vision for where he plans to go with his life, and has been walking that path for years. Overall, at 23, L. Vision is an artist and experienced musician who raps, produces and now acts. He plans to release Blueknights first album, establish a reputation as a professional producer, and branch out into all areas of the entertainment industry.


No stranger to the streets, Luigi Vocaturo, aka Lui, has utilized his unique life experience by creating the most potent, yet carefully structured music of his time. He is an Italian hip-hop artist with the gift of lyrical diversity. Influenced by what musicians such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Notorious B.I.G., Michael Jackson, etc. have done. His Italian background and his everyday urban life and has amalgamated the two to come up with his own unique style of new wave rhymes. His love for all types of music has impacted his life by providing him with the ability to be lyrically diverse in his hip-hop lyrics. Lui uses music as a reflection on his life and others, which give his rhymes, poetry and songs, passion, strength and meaning.

Blueknight Connections

Together, the group has dedicated over three years of there young lives to the ActOut Project, which is an organization that specializes in Innovative Education and Educational Theatre. They came on first as a volunteers and then as a paid artists for their contribution as artists, musicians and as writers. They have starred in several musical productions across the city and have had major roles in “Da’Real Deal musical production” formed at Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young people, “Twelve Knight the coming of a new dawn” performed and Equity ShowCase and “Drugs is My Witness” performed at Theatre Passe Maruel.


Blueknight Connections(Blueknight Connections EP)

Life With Lui (Lui EP)

Ready To Fly (L. Vision LP)

Drugs as My Witness (Sound Track)

Set List

Music Store
Tiger Swing
Lets Get It Gully
First Hand Perspective
Pure Gyals Hate Me
To Be Announced

Roughly about 6 songs a set, ranging from 25-30 minutes.