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Lui has been successful in almost everything they have taken part in. Aside from recieving critical acclaim from CBC Canada as "The bi-product biggie smalls and paul mccartney, but Canadian and better" he has also involved with over three different musicals in the country .


Aside from his sales of over 17 Million copies worldwide, L. Vision has received national press from a variety of Radio, Television and Internet interviews with such people as Susan Hayes from Global TV to Tarannum Kamlani from the Toronto Star and Arisa Cox from Toronto 1. He's been mentioned in publications like Now Magazine and Toronto Life in relation to summertime performances and was featured on Canada's biggest hiphop website,

L. Vision follows a very strategic agenda and continues to out shine many MC's on stage. His quick skills and lyrical content get him to the final round. L. Vision’s ability to articulate his rhymes with a loud, confident voice using clear vocabulary ensure he is always heard and never misinterpreted.
In the past year L. Vision has performed in downtown hotspots like Phoenix, Revival, Jai Bar, Vivo Lounge and the Hooch. To stay diversified and expand exposure, he's worked with many producers he considers upcoming talents like Nevski, Neenyo, Hustle Beats and Goldspade on tracks already gaining momentum like DOSIE DOE and THE MUSIC STORE featuring partners Lui and Cammie Lymrix from his Blue Knights Connections family. Vision has made over 14 mixtape appearances and his live shows and guest appearances on artists releases help further assist his career as both an MC and producer.

As a producer, operating under his company Show Doctor Sound Services, he has worked on both professional and underground projects. He has produced music for several musical productions and has had his work played in theatres such as Lorraine Kimsa Young People’s Theatre, Theatre Passe Muraille and Equity Showcase. In the underground music scene Vision has produced many local artists who continually use his beats and vocal recordings due to its high quality and professional sound. A sound garnered through a lifetime of learning musical instruments and theory, the Harris Institute for the Arts and his internship at a professional studio at Bunker 8 Digital Labs all enhanced his years of motivated self learning. Vision is currently working to expand his studio and enlarge his client base.

Vision’s determination to succeed in the entertainment industry has encouraged him to never limit himself and to always be open to a positive challenge. In 2002, Vision’s spectrum of entertainment began to elevate his career as he landed a starring role in his first professional musical entitled Da’ Real Deal. With his diverse ability he later earned a part in Dean Ifill’s Shakespeare adaptation of Twelfth Night. He also worked with the translation team that took Shakespeare’s deep imagery and poetic justice into an urban adaptation with a hip-hop twist. Three months later Vision played the drug "Ecstasy" in the play Drugs is my Witness. He is now preparing a return to the stage with the musical and sequel to Da’ Real Deal titled Reality Rules in 2005.

No stranger to the streets, Luigi Vocaturo, aka Lui, has utilized his unique life experience by creating the most potent, yet carefully structured music of his time. He is an Italian hip-hop artist with the gift of lyrical diversity.His love for all types of music has impacted his life by providing him with the ability to be lyrically diverse in his hip-hop lyrics. Lui uses music as a reflection on his life and others, which give his rhymes, poetry and songs, passion, strength and meaning.

Lui’s has dedicated three years of his life to the ActOut Project, which is an organization that specializes in Innovative Education and Educational Theatre. Lui came on first as a volunteer and then as a paid artist for his contribution as an artist, musician and a writer. Lui has starred in several musical productions across the city. He has had major roles in “Da’Real Deal musical production” formed at Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young people, “Twelve Knight the coming of a new dawn” performed and Equity ShowCase and “Drugs is My Witness” performed at Theatre Passe Maruel.

Lui, known for his political rhymes, has become a key player in the delivery of political lyrical messages in the community, especially after receiving over ninety-five stitches to the back of his head, in what 51 Division police dubbed “ The most devastating act of violence they have ever witnessed on a human being” . It is experiences like this that have given Lui the chance to integrate his life with his music, and is just one of the reasons why he has been requested to perform at the annual M.B.A symposium in Barrie three consecutive years in a row.

Lui is not just an artist; he also has a keen interest in the business aspect of the entertainment industry. He has recently graduated from Harris Institute for the Arts, in the recording arts management program. He is currently managing two groups, one is a hip-hop group called Blueknight Connections and the other is a punk rock band called Explicit Authority. Lui has devoted his life, to the music industry in an a


Halfway there

Written By: luigi vocautro and clinton davis

we are the best


Blueknight - Drugs as my Witness, Reality Rules, Mixtapes across Canada

Lui - The Halfway Album (Life with Lui)

Lyrical Vision - Ready to Fly Album, Cleared for takeoff EP, Freestyle and mixtapes singles all over the continent, and continuos airplay

Set List

Set list consist of 7 songs with no particular order because of the spontunuity of Lui. Those seven songs can be reduced to six considering the he is very theatrical on stage(due to his past theatre experience) and his willingness to incorporate the audience when they perform. Covers include Elvis Presley's "In The Ghetto", and Ray Charles' "Lets Go Get Stoned".