Blue Light

Blue Light


Combining tight, accesible songs with adventurous impovisations every Blue Light set becomes more of a journey than a rock show. Everyone who sees the Blue Light, becomes an instant fan, part of the fastest growing music community in the area.


Formed in the fall of 2002, Blue Light have spent the past few years honing and tightening a new kind of rock music. Firmly rooted in the classic rock style and dripping with psychedelia, Blue Light still push the contemporary envelope, incorporating modern beats and sounds into their highly improvisational sets.

Influences include- but are not limited to- the Grateful Dead, Phish, the Beatles, Hendrix, bluegrass, jamtronica, country music, hip-hop, and all kinds of great jazz.


Hit The Switch was released independently in February, 2004.
An untitled EP was released in March 2005, and is available for download at
Cheap Hotel is scheduled for independent release in late '06

Set List

Kenny's Castaways - Greenwich Village, NYC -1/13/06
Lucid Tale ->
Long Ago
Dusk Till Dawn
New Diamond Ring Blues
Sneakers At A Wedding ->
Cookie Jar *
21 Reasons ->
The Situation
Tube *
I Know You Rider
In A Day
These Dreams
'Till II
Sweet Mary

* = w/ Kevin Barry on vocals
** = w/ Fisrt Tube, Fly Like An Eagle, and Laudate Dominum teases

This setlist definately represents a top-notch Blue Light show. In this 1:45 long set, 16 songs were played, 14 of which being originals (the exceptions being the Dead's "I Know You Rider" and Phish's "Tube").