Blue Light District

Blue Light District


Blue Light District is a politically minded ska punk group formed in 2005. A culmination of influences from early hardcore punk, jazz, ska, and reggae, their songs are a culmination of aggression, skill, and purpose searching to motivate our stagnant culture towards a better tomorrow.


Blue Light District is a band formed in 2005 by high school students. After years of refining and changing they have taken an original standpoint in the genre of Ska Punk by taking the polar opposites of skilled jazz and ska playing and mixing it with with early west coast hardcore punk.

Recent News:

November 21st: The debut album Blue Light District was released at a show opening for M-80 and Big D and The Kids Table.

Summer 09: Voted second best punk band in Rhode Island according to the Providence Phoenix listeners poll.


I Heard They're Better Live (Live album)
Blue Light District(LP)

Set List

Our sets are often constrained tp half an hour but could be expanded significantly to over an hour ranging from everything from reggae to hardcore punk.
We'll do covers from time to time of bands including NoFX, Bad Religion, Operation Ivy, The Specails, Rancid, and more.