Blue Light

Blue Light


β€œIn recent months, this trio has gained attention in Denver's singer-songwriter community for its sincere songwriting" Eryc Eyl, Westword


Blue Light was formed as the song writing vehicle of producer and engineer Jamie Mefford. Built on a foundation ofthoughtful songwriting, and musicianship. Drawing on a range of influences, Blue Light blends it's folk songwriting roots with a spacios ambiance.

Blue Light was featured on the NBC tv show Life and were named in the class of 08’ by the editor of the Westword as one of a handful of bands to watch for in the coming years.

Jamie Mefford – guitar, vocals
Jack Leahy - lap steel, baritone guitar



Your House of Cards

Written By: Jamie Mefford

Why did you think you could run away
so soon
with your heart as heavy as
this moon
yes you told me your sorry
it's just hard to tell
yes you told me you paid your penitence
but to who

becouse a hard heavy rain
it is coming now
it will tear down your house
your house of cards
You can run, you can hide, you can pack away everything
but they are coming for you now
I will promise you that

there are begars thieves and liars at your door
and they all will take a piece a piece of your heart
you can tell them your sorry I don't think they will care
you can pay them your penitence
but they will only take more



Currently working on an E.P. release.

Set List

Blue light plays original sets usually 30 mins to an hour and a half.