Blue Midnight Highway

Blue Midnight Highway


Sonic Graffiti Blue Midnight Highway is a project based on sonic exploration; every song is a new sonic landscape that transports the listener to a strange & visual world. We adhere to no formulas but one Listening Pleasure!!!


The Sound, The Style, The Art, & The Performance…

B.M.H. The Sound and the Style:

Limitless & Expansive
You will find no rules, no formulas. There is nothing that we are afraid to try.
That’s what gets expressed to anyone I work with. No rules but these 3
It must be fresh, it must be dope, and it’s must be listening pleasure…

My base style is sort of a trip hop/Alt. pop mix. Bjork, Tricky, Spank Rock, Linkin Park (reanimation), NIN, Beasties, Portishead, Peter Gabriel, Any one who was somewhat cinematic in their sound BMH gets compared to at one time or another.
I guess the closest definition that fit’s is Trip Hop or Ghetto Tech.

On Secret Ninja Singles You’ll here old school Wax Tracks influence on “Secrets” with some new school twist. On “SHINE” its NIN meets Spank Roc, Meets Marsimoto (“Wingdingsrappor”) under ground German Hip Hop. Strawberry Girls is Bjork / Dead Can dance / Gold Frapp, & Tracks of Wrath is somewhere between the Gorillas & Johnny Cash.
But with every B.M.H. track we hope to send you on a very listenable journey. One where you hear things new to your ears…

We don’t expect to recreate the wheel on every track. Just whenever possible we will head off into territory to explore new things. Especially when technology dictates the relevance of an artist, (i.e.) Jimmy Hendrix became the legend he is by being on the cutting edge of sound as much as he was on the edge with guitar technique. This spirit appears to be absent from today’s rock soundscapes, and smeared by the fluff and glam of the pop and hip hop world.

The Performance:

We go off!!!
UFO”S with light shows, robots, giant mushrooms with dancing forest fairies.
We try to visually represent every song in a visual way (to some extent) We may not build a full size prop for ever song but we do think about what it means to us and try to offer
something that will inspire the emotions of the audience…
Though not every song is meant to be explained, we will enhance its effect with other senses. In short we recruit all of our artist friends and have a giant building session for a few months and try to do the best with what we can find or build ourselves.
But we never freeze our imagination or settle for limitations…


Secret Ninja Singles 2009
lo fi/HI FI Instrumentals 2009

Set List

We have a library of over 60 songs ready to be performed they range from Electro Pop, Industrial dance, Alternative, Hip Hop, to R & B. We can fit into any Electronically Produced Genre…