Duelling Stratocasters, thumping bass. Thunderous, driving drums. Cavernous echo. If Neil Young, Sonic Youth, Townes Van Zandt, andVelvet Underground had an orgy, overseen by John Bohnam and Keith Moon, and an illegitimate love child was produced...


We wish we had met at a juke joint at the end of some lonesome road, just past the city’s edge. Or at a dive; full of the clack-clatter commotion of a bustling street. Music blasting, the drinks stiff, the clientele diverse. In the dark corners you could make out the ghosts of our past, as flashes of our future walked past the front door.

What we can tell you is Brown Bear has lost his right ear. Donkey’s always judging, always watching. Driving, primal blasts and swirling chaos destroy us. Echo makes us vibrate. The cigarettes won’t smoke themselves. The louder, the better. There’s space enough for everyone in the spotlight, but no one cares enough to find the switch.

"Crisp, loping beats and thickly braided guitars lead this act down a path of uniquely Western, windblown indie rock."-Denver Post

"Weaving together strands of gritty space rock with insistent, jittery post-punk rhythms, Blue Million Miles exudes a hushed grandeur ... Difficult to nail down beyond the ubiquitous but never entirely satisfying "indie rock," Blue Million Miles' dreamy edginess is a welcome respite from the otherwise trendy sounds of today."-WESTWORD

jeff 303.250.5018
sam 303.547.5875


EP, untitled
May, 2007
LP "Of Building Walls"
August, 2008

Set List

45 to 1 hour set+, including:

Failed Heart
Power Out
We Come Around
Sunday Eyes
Better Off
Waiting Around to Die
God is Dead

Waiting Around to Die
Fucking With My Head
I am the Ocean
Cinnamon Girl