Blue Monster

Blue Monster

 Vashon, Washington, USA

we are an instrumental funk band that lays down heavy grooves and psychedelic jams. we are always pushing the envelope to discover and create new musical horizons.


The wily and elusive “blue monster” was first sighted on Vashon Island back in 2005. Since then there have been numerous reported sightings, although none have been confirmed or documented, leading many to brush aside such tales as a hoax. Though the exact description of the creature varies from one witness to another, most agree that it has blue fur, three-toed feet, googley eyes and super-funky dance moves. Despite popular skepticism, a tiny but fierce band of believers have embarked on an ongoing quest to draw the monster out of hiding and thus prove its existence. They are certain that music is the key, and that playing instrumental power psychedelic funk at loud volumes for extended periods of time is sure to arouse the creature. Upon hearing the music, the monster won’t be able to resist the urge to show off its funky dance moves and profound booty shaking abilities in public. This dedicated group call themselves Blue Monster in honor of the beast


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