blue moon

blue moon


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don't wanna say goodbye

Written By: nicki lynn rinehart.

1st: Ohwhoa baby whatctha doing
why are you holding me so close your my one and only your telling me
now im asking why are you crying
and your telling me:
chorus:I don't wanna say goodbye
I don't want this to be our last kiss
I'm still deeply in love with you and
Idon't wanna have to let you go
2nd: you say your moving
I say your leaving
you say we'll stay together forever
But now im sitting here writing this song and singing:
3rd:I got your letter yesterday
It says baby it's just you and me together forever
Theres no stoping my love for you love me p.s.
bridge:I dont wanna say goodbye
I don't wanna
Idon't wanna have to let you go.(x3)
OH whoa (x2)