Blue Moon Harem

Blue Moon Harem


A unique rock based band that: incorporates pieces of other genres to create a fun sound and atmosphere - thrives on playing live.


Take part rock, part funk; add in some pop and techno – what’s the end result? Boston’s multi-styled and distinctive Blue Moon Harem. They’ve created a unique sound that covers different genres and has become their trademark.
The rock band Blue Moon Harem was originally a studio project started in 1998. Bix, the lead vocalist, and Demetri had been working together for over 10 years and were in the hard rock band Requiem together. “In 1999 we started a new project in the studio, which became Blue Moon Harem.” The band has been playing their instruments since early childhood...with Demetri starting at age 8 and, Bix had started singing and writing songs at 10.
The self-titled album, produced by Jim Siegel (Dropkick Murphy’s, Mighty Mighty Bosstones) was a unique experience for the group based off his unique recording techniques.
“The method of how we recorded our CD was so different than conventional methods that the music had no choice but to sound very different and unique,” says Demetri. “We started with guitars only. Jim set aside 8 free tracks and I was asked to play whatever came to mind. I played random chords, made random sounds etc. then we went back and listened. There were these little pieces and little sections that clearly stuck out. Those little pieces were then cut and looped to repeat themselves and inserted on to a new track.
After layering a few of these looped sounds together a new sound was emerging. It was this process that made it possible to come up with the music. Now that we had a cool groove going we then needed to decide what musical changes should happen and where. To get a better idea we would then turn to Bix who then would write some lyrics and record his tracks over the groove. Once some initial vocal tracks were laid, we all had a better understanding of where the song wanted to go…Notice how we said “where the “song” wanted to go...These songs essentially wrote themselves…It was more of a discovery mission as opposed to a writing mission. Once the overall form of the song was mapped out the bass and drums were added to provide for the rhythm section. The result of this is an album that has the rock sound with a vibe all its own.
The band has toured the east coast doing various shows in Maine, MA, CT, and NYC. “We love playing live.” Say Demetri. The band is looking forward to promoting the CD and is in the process of reaching out to various music editors for placement in TV and film scores.
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*Band management is with Tom Verano and
HORIZON Management
PO Box 8538, Endwell 13762
(607) 785-9120 or (800) 836-1691
fax (607) 785-4516
*Booking is through HORIZON and others.
*For public relations, the band works with Curtis Smith and
Seal Beach, CA 90740


"Blue Moon Harem" a self titled debut 11 song CD.

Set List

BMH generally plays all original music, but can work in an offbeat cover. Generally can play up to 1 hour with 15 songs on the set list currently. We play all of our songs off the CD except for "I am a Wall," and 5 new songs...some of which are slated for our next CD.