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The Boston music scene has been described as constantly changing, offering a little bit of something for everyone. With such a range of music available in the area, and with new artists emerging constantly, the fans of this scene frequently turn to the latest in new music in the area in order to be on the edge of what’s happening. The scene is simply one in which the new kid on the block often gets a good chance at being the most recognized name in the area. Blue Moon Harem has a history which flaunts itself in direct contrast to this reality. This modern rock band has been making music in the Boston area since 1999 and shows no signs of becoming just an old name anytime soon. While attention wavers between all of the other bands in the area, singular focus on developing their talent over time has kept this band in the minds of area music fans.

Much of what keeps the attention of music fans on Blue Moon Harem is that they offer enough variety in their music to make sure that the “something for everyone” availability of sounds in the Boston music scene is also available throughout their own CD’s. Though at heart they are a rock band, they are not afraid of testing the waters and showing off their talents in other areas of music including pop, funk, jazz, old school and even techno. For example, in the intro to their song, “Willow,” there is a hint of Pink Floyd influence although the lyrics and vocals are more reminiscent of early 1990’s alternative songs. In contrast, “Ride,” has a strong funk flavor to it which defies generational labels.

The band’s ability to pull off these different sounds is rooted in the fact that they have a thorough understanding of the strengths of their rock background and they use it as a foundation for building a more evolved rhythm with each song that they play. The full range of their musical talent can be heard on the eleven songs of their self-titled CD. Each song falls in to a different category of music, placing Blue Moon Harem at the center of Boston’s attention in a number of different genres. The changing music world can sometimes be fickle, but solid bands such as this one find a way to stick around.

- Kathryn Vercillo - INDIE IN-TUNE MAGAZINE


From the moment I put this CD on I was blown away. Simply amzing. Superior musicanship and sound quality makes this cd a must have.the songs are extremely catchy yet never cheesy..I cant say enough about how cool this disk is. With proper promotion, this CD should sell millions of copies...Thank you Blue Moon Harem for a job well done.


Put aside musical genre labels and preferences and prejudices, slap this on and just SMILE, kids. You would have to be the most cynical bastard on the planet not to experience something akin to happiness upon listening to this CD-a blend of techno, R&B, and enough of those fat-ass guitar chords, of which I am so enamored, to make this just flat irresistible. Upon first listen, you might think this was strictly for the patchouli crowd, and there are times when they get downright psychedelic, but so did The Beatles and The Beach Boys, and that was cool, right? Check out the nearly uncontrolled violence (not to mention the killer guitar riff) on "Girl on a Wire. Contrast that with the slow-groove-Chili-Peppersy "Ride"-if you're not still singing this one to yourself half an hour later, you soul has shriveled up and died. Play it again, it just might revive that old, dead part of you that, once upon a time, didn't give a fuck what anyone else thought. - Tim Emswiler


In the competitive world of Boston-based baby bands, Blue Moon Harem are making a strong argument to be taken seriously and perhaps to the next step. Musically, the standard rock quartet (i.e., guitar, bass, drums and vocals) is solid to say the least. On this locally produced debut disc, the Harem combine arrangements that range from the simple but effective ("Blue") to the melodically complex ("Addiction") and from the occasional bluesy number ("Dogs Life") to the aggressive majority ("Eight"; "I Am A Wall")......The band shows undeniable promise and.......(and) should be able to take it all in.


- Matthew S. Robinson (Associate Writer)


Blue Moon Harem has a self titled 11 song CD available. Songs have been played on WAAF in Boston and on internet radio. They are also staples on where they have won two awards for ten most requested song - Dog's Life, and the hall of fame award for being in the top ten for 13 weeks. The band also has a finished video for their song ADDICTION.



Blue Moon Harem is the Boston-based band formed at the end of the last decade by the free-thinking individuals, Jonathan Bix and Demetri Joannou, each actively seeking to challenge themselves and their listeners through a unique and captivating sound propelled by a spellbinding stage performance. Blue Moon Harem’s self titled first album is a remarkable collection of creativity un-categorizable modern music.

Singer/songwriter Jonathan Bix is the voice and soul of Blue Moon Harem. On eleven new songs Jonathan delivers a towering yet vulnerable vocal performance which mesmerizes and captivates audiences everywhere.

Guitarist Demetri Joannou, the band’s co-songwriter, along with Jonathan, writes the incredible music that is the heart of Blue Moon Harem. Demetri deftly combines keen instinct with raw talent to create passages of atmosphere, beauty, and power.

Brian MacDougal rounds out Blue Moon Harem’s powerful lineup on drums and percussion. Brian adds a unique balance to this band’s dynamic sound and creativity.

In the last few years, praise for the bands first hit, Addiction, has quickly spread all across the New England states. Beginning with airplay of this pulsing alternative-rock hit on WAAF’s local radio music show in Boston, along with the band’s other hits, Ride and Dog’s Life, Blue Moon Harem’s popularity has built to such a level that their music has been featured in the independent film Under Surveillance from New York based Fourth Horizon Cinema and other films from Sorry Dog Productions.

Many people wonder how a band as creative and constantly changing as Blue Moon Harem can hold it together amid the rigorous demands of becoming a major national touring band. But really, the recipe is simple: close friends, a lot of love and a mutual desire to transcend the ennui and ugliness of our day to day lives by creating something beautiful and timeless together. And share it with you. That’s what this band has set out to do. Join the harem. The Blue Moon Harem.