Blue Morocco

Blue Morocco


A beautiful voice and electrifying Mondole. The beats of Blue Morocco Band entice you to dance. A marriage of Rai and World Music.This style of world music is very "hip," with a great deal of edge and funk in its underlying pop beat.


Djamal Kremba and Blue Morocco

Based in Victoria, BC, Djamel's talents were discovered when he started playing his native folk Algerian music at age eleven. His talents were discovered at this time while playing native Algerian and Moroccan influenced music.He made his debut at age fourteen playing at the “Foire International d’Algerie” and in other festivals arranged by the Algerian Ministry of Culture. Since then, he has played in numerous festivals around the Globe.

Djamal Kremba is a talented musician who
expresses love, joy and peace through music. He was born in a special neighbourhood of Alergia called," El - Harrach ".

At the age of 14 he played at the Foire International D'Algerie "in addition to many festivals and tours organized by the Algerian Ministry of Culture.

Being the youngest in his band did not limit his abilities and motivated him to walk his first steps towards success and independence. In 1984 he started composing his own songs.

It did not take long till success opened its doors. He won the first prize in a local competition for songs he composed. Since then he started working on his first album " Promesse " with tracks called,
" Promesse and La Vie et la Chansson ". The CD is appearing after 20 years.

In the meantime he continued to walk towards success by playing in many festivals around the globe. His voice was always described as warm, relaxing and clsoe to the heart. It reflects his inner self that is full of joy and compassion.

His electrifying Mondole ( Algerian Traditional Guitar) entices you to dance. Djamal's voice streams smoothly over high and sophisticated melody notes that create a harmonious dancing atmosphere full of excitement and energy.

" Move n groove " his music is a marriage of World and North African roots that results in bringing a new unique touch to his original pieces.

His unique modification of World Music gives you the rush and move to the beat with a great deal of edge: funk : folk and jazzy style in its underlying groovy North African style.

All added together, his music is dancable, accessible, fun and well done.

Djamal's music is a blend of North Africa, folk, traditional, analous Gnawa,Chaabi ( popular) with music of the world.

For a few centuries, North African music was dominated by styles inherited from Andalaousia. Eventually forming a unique North African twist on the poetic forms mixed with Ottowan influences. Presently,it came to us in a new style known as World Music.

Djamal Kremba Performance History

1973: Street performer and entertainer

1974: National Unionof Young Algerians scout member

1977: Foire International D ' Algerie; Place de Unite African;

Rhema Theter des Nations, Gastro; plus local events and performances.

1978: Complexes Touristiques with Ballet El - Chaab; Kamel
Guiga; Tipaza, Set, El kheima, Mataresse, Algeria; Troupe Erahala

1980: Ministry of Culture, Algeria

1985: National Tours covering many Algerian cities

1991: Music festival et Dances - Quebec, Canada

1999 - 2001: Homowa Festival - Portland, U.S.A.

2003: Folk Festival ICA - Victoria, B.C.

2004 & 2005: Latin Carribean Festival, Film Festival - Victoria, B.C.

2004 : 10th Annual Film Festival - Victoria, B.C.

Louise DesChamps:
Originally from Caledonia, louise is a versatile violinist / fiddler. Her studies and training expand through a multitude of styles such as Classical; Jazz; Celtic; Folk; Reggae; Gypsy Middle Eastern; etc.
With numerable public appearances louise has taken part in Cage Taylor's CMT music video; The Other Woman music composition for a movie track the "Waltz". She has released an album " Song Fopr Ireland" with the Celtic world beat band " Full Kit"; Played with the Jeremy Walsh Band; The Ecclestons: Children Of Celebrity; Bijon de Bayou; Rig - Ajig.


" Promesse " CD to be released indendently Jan., 2006. All tracks are original compositions. Some of which are on this account of Sonicbids.

Set List

Set list varies for each type of performance but an example is given.

First Set:

Aya Yaie

Second Set: