Blue of Noon

Blue of Noon


Violent, sweet, and intensely sexual, Blue of Noon creates an experience so deeply pleasurable, it requires more than a cigarette afterwards - Teri Lea, Blue Streak Entertainment


The heavy, dynamic rock band known as Blue of Noon began its legendary line-up in 2003. Mark Burke, Mark Garretson, Matt Foster, and Aram Richard all came from diverse musical backgrounds. They have brought together talent and experience to create a musical genre of their own, Bipolar Rock. In their music they explore everything from beauty and sexuality to rage and violence, often juxtaposing these topics within their lyrics.

Ø Shared the Stage with:

o Wednesday 13
o Type O Negative
o Birthday Massacre
o Orgy
o Andrew W.K.
o Celtic Frost
o The Last Dance


Candiria's Carley Coma helped produce Blue of Noon's debut EP, "Atrophy." The recording was released in June 2008.

Set List

The set is typically 30-45 minutes and includes a mixture of some the following songs:

o Quine
o No Mistake
o Surrender
o Sorry for the Mess
o Folds
o Coruscate
o All Mine (originally by Portishead)
o At Ease
o Insertion
o Somatoform
o A Minor Sacrifice
o If for Only an Instant
o Incision
o Pure