Blue Planet

Blue Planet

 San Diego, California, USA

An Appalachian, Andean, Mexican, African fusion of psychedelic cumbias, heartwrenching blues, with multi cultural and rhythmic interpretations of their original tunes. World peace through the love and understanding inspired by sharing our multi cultural music.


The Blue Planet was conceived by Holly Avila from her roots in American folk music, both contemporary and traditional. In the mid '80's, she heard an album by Los Lobos which sent her on a romantically inspired quest through Latin music. She played bass with the Juggernaut String Band, and at the Philly Folk Fest in 2000, she introduced her first Tex Mex song, "Not Loving You" on the Main stage to an audience that responded enthusiastically. She went on to form her own band in order to pursue further her Latin American inspired musical interests. She met an accordion player extraordinaire, Ralph Romano, and Andres Jimenez, expert player on all Andina instruments, and formed Blue Planet/Planeta Azul, playing festivals in PA as well as clubs in NYC. In 2011, Holly moved out west to live in the Baja and seek out a new sound. With Cougar Estrada from Los Lobos on drums and percussion, and Rick Shae on guitar, she achieved that west coast folk rock sound combined with her Latin American influences. 


Not Loving You

Written By: Holly Avila

It's been years since I'd seen you
I could barely recognize
the boy who'd been my first love
till I saw him in your eyes.
We talked for endless hours
of our journeys of the heart,
the times we shared together,
and the time we've been apart.
That ol' fire rose between us
as it always has before.
I realized you're the soul
that I've been longin' for.
But our love is so elusive,
like so many grains of sand.
I reached across the years for you
and the table, for your hand.
Was it wrong to steal that moment,
that chance at loving you?
Was it wrong to help deceive the one
who thinks you're being true?
Ah but you're the only soul I've truly loved my whole life through.
The only wrong there is for me is
not loving you.
Now you're gone and I wonder,
will you pass this way again?
Will you always be beyond my reach,
part time lover, life long friend?
Or dare I hope for more this time, that somehow you will see,
I was made to love you
and you were meant for me.

Cumbia de Amor Sincero

Written By: Holly Avila

Un dia muchos años atras
escuche una cancion folklorica
y un vox que arranco mi corazon
como se fuera en un ritual Azteca.
Y ahora prefiero passar mi vida
con esta sueño
en ves de buscar a otro compeñero
esta es mi cumbia de amor sincero
Por muchos años he buscado
a quien tiene mi pobre corazon
y las estrellas mi alumbraron que mi cura
es el que habia contado esa cancion.
Y ahora prefiero passar mi vida
con mi sueño
que is como mi dulce compeñero
Esta es mi cumbia de amor sincero
English translation:
One day many years ago
I heard a folk song
and a voice that ripped out my heart as happens in an Aztec ritual.
And now I would prefer to spend my life with this dream rather than seek other companionship.
This is my cumbia of sincere love.
For many years I have been searching
for who it is that had my poor heart
and the stars illuminated me that
my priest was he who had sung that song
And now I would prefer to spend my life with my dream
which is like my sweet companion.
This is my cumbia of sincere love.

Siempre Ser Su Servidora

Written By: Holly Avila

Siempre ser su Servidora
1st verse:
A Dios, prenda una vela para que mi ruega
que este amor en mi pecho
pueda protejerte como soy tu angela.
2nd verse:
La dulcera de mi silencio es mi momento contigo
En la oscuridad de la noche
soy contento ser su sonadora.
Soy sola con mi passion soy feliz con mi ilusion
estoy aqui con mi esperanza
para siempre soy su servidora.
3rd verse:
Te busco cuando puedo te adoro tanto tiempo,
te esperare para siempre en esta vida y aun en el mas alla.


"Reckless Heart"-through Oasis, airplay on World Folk stations around the country.
"Blue Planet Live" ; one song won a place on the compilation CD for Global Rhythm Magazine's Nov. 2006 issue; "Querida de mi Alma"

Set List

Not Loving You- Tex Mex tune by Holly
Querida De Mi Alma-Cumbia by Holly
Prenda Del Alma-traditional
Country Girl Like Me-Appalachian/Andean by Holly
Tu Sais Que Je T'aime-French tune by Holly
Violencia-cover tune cumbia from Colombia
Reckless Heart-Texas swing tune by Holly
Amor Ilusion-cumbia by Holly
Tango from Argentina
Llorando Se Fue-cover tune from Bolivia
Volver Volver-cover tune from Mexico
Good Things-rock and roll by Holly

There are a lot more tunes, both original and covers. My covers tend to be mostly songs from Latin America, and a few songs from the '60's when appropriate for the gig.