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"TOTALLY ORIGINAL BAND THAT"LL KNOCK YOU OUT!! TKO STUFF !!- Big City Blues Magazine. Our website is


Worldwide Album Distribution:

Sat. Sept. 12th/2009 Blue Plate Special Headlines Beloit Folk and Blues Festival - BPS proves why all Blues Festivals should be adding their name to next years lineup !! Capacity crowd of 4,200 on their feet from the very first stinging guitar notes ! The crowd pushed up to the front of the stage and stayed Rockin' for 90 minutes- non stop !! Sold 400 CD's !! From the explosive stage performance and vocals to the return of the day of guitar wizardry - This is the band to watch for 2009 and beyond !! THE BLUES IS ALIVE HERE !!.... and the reason is Originality, and Expert showmanship !!
Thank you Beloit Folk and Blues Festival for showing all how it should be done !!

Blue Plate Special's album 'Can You Dig It !" has been selected into the running for "Blues Album of the Year for 2009 by BMI, ASCAP and SESAC members at !!


" In a perfect Music World, Blue Plate Special would be hailed as Exceptional and they’d be on the road 300-plus nights a year and Festival-Headliners. We can always hope that the Music Scene straightens itself out and starts embracing Talent and Soulfulness again." Well, every time I’ve listened to “Can You Dig It!!” I get more and more convinced that Blue Plate Special needs to be ranked in the TOP 5 BLUES/ROCK BANDS IN NORTH AMERICA ! Very, very few bands still have that so-important connection to what it’s supposed to be about. When I hear this album, it rekindles my fires and the belief that Music Has The Power To Change The World for The Better. 5 Big Bottles for a perfect example of what BluesRock (or Hard-Rockin’ Blues…) should sound like. "
…A. Grigg /Editor-Publisher/ Real Blues Magazine/ Dec. 2007

Energetic- Electric Blues that begs you to react!! Energized audiences, moving and singing along !

In a time when musical groups come and go as quickly as the rapid-fire images on MTV, Blues singer/songwriter R.P. Michaels and Blue Plate Special have stayed true to their blues roots for over 38 years. While Blue Plate Special has consistently brought new contemporary blues songs to the worldwide blues community, what hasn't changed is the friendship, collaboration and passion for the Blues. This Chicago based trio's sheer enjoyment in performing together shines through each and every night!!

Since the release of their 3 most recent CD's 1998's "No Place To Fade" 2000's The Blues Ain't Pretty and 2007's Can You Dig It !", Blue Plate Special has had 24 songs hit the #1 chart position (see Discography) on Blues Radio stations around the world !!

Although some acts from other areas like to hang the name "Chicago" on their billing, this group truly has played almost every major and minor club throughout Chicagoland. Blue Plate Special was there at The Cellar in Arlington Heights, Illinois in '69-'72 opening for Howlin' Wolf, Willie Dixon's Chicago Blues Allstars, Zephyr w/Tommy Bolin on guitar and The Bob Seger System. They were among the artists that played at the Otis Spann Memorial Benefit where Willie Dixon and Buddy Guy introduced the Blues community to Koko Taylor singing Wang Dang Doodle. Blue Plate Special (with former member Studebaker John on Harp) was one of the first bands to lead the famous Blue Monday Jam session at Chicago's Kingston Mines ! They also were the house band for two years at John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd's Blues Brothers Bar on Wells Street.

Other than headlining, Blue Plate Special has opened at concerts by Charlie Musselwhite, Paul Butterfield, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Siegal-Schwall Blues Band, Heartsfield, Leon Russell, Edgar Winter, Lonnie Brooks, Ronnie Baker Brooks, Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials, Mitch Ryder, The Kinsey Report, Larry McCray and Wayne Baker Brooks.

They have also performed at the Chicago Bears Fan Convention and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Convention and Sears Corporate shows.

ALL MIDWEST APPEARANCES BY BLUE PLATE SPECIAL ARE ANNOUNCED ON THE LISTINGS PAGE AT: -(The most popular site for venue attending Blues Fans in the Tri-State area !)

BLUE PLATE SPECIAL is Featured in cover story of the September/07 issue of "BLUES ROCKS THE WORLD" magazine from Paris, France. go to: for free download of this issue!

The Blues Radio listeners and Blues Festival attendees are one and the same. The current hit songs, powerful sounds and all-around good vibe of Blue Plate Special makes them a great addition to your Blues Festival; an honest homage to the past mixed with the new blood of the present and the determination to Bring The Blues into the Future!


Hard Enuff

Written By: Ron M. Parizek

You can shine like a diamond
But they say that your cut is kind'a rough.
You can hold all the answers
But they say you ain't scratchin' deep enough.

It's hard enough, the way it is.

They say you can dream it
But when they turn around and steal it- it's a crime.
Just keep giving it your best
Don't give a damn about the rest, bide your time.

It's hard enough, the way it is.

I'm pushing and I'm trying
Still they keep supplying, closed doors.
If I just keep on keepin' on
They'll come back screaming for more.

It's hard enough, the way it is.

Copyright 2006 Meat and Potatoes Music, BMI

Feel So Good

Written By: Ron M. Parizek

Feel So Good
Love got a hold on me
No more heartache
I've got happy feet.

Dark clouds may roll
that don't worry me.
got a whole lot of lovin'
Feels so good to me.

It's a brand new day
somebody turned on the light
Got a smile on my face
Yeah I'm doing alright!


Written By: Ron M. Parizek

What you need is what you get,
Keep on reachin' if you ain't found it yet.
Gotta keep on Reachin' for what you believe.

Keep on reachin' for what you believe
It's hard sometimes but you gotta work for what you need.

Keep your eyes on the skies
wave the waste below goodbye.

Keep on etc.......

Put your money on what you got
don't go standin' in the same ol' spot.
Life is yours don't lay down and quit it,
Keep on swingin' if your tryin' to hit it!


Written By: Ron M. Parizek

One of these days I'm gonna
Cut these chains and fly.
Be a whole 'nother story when I
Get on the other side.

Sure as the sun
Rise up in the sky,
Trouble gonna find ya'
'til the day you die.

I ain't worried
trouble won't bother me no more.
I done got hip to
what these trouble's for.

Got my Bible, I had my fun
That don't work I got my
razor and my gun.

Can You Dig It !

Written By: Ron M. Parizek

Can You Dig It !

From early in the mornin'
'Til the end of the day.
I been workin' so hard
to get my pay.
Workin' for a nickel
and livin' by the dime.
From early in the mornin'
til the end of the night.

Man don't live by bread alone.
We need a little somethin' when we get home.
Can You dig It? Hell yes (hopeful response hehe)
I knew that you could !!

Life is funny, ain't no piece of cake.
Everybody wants this money I make.
My baby's love takes a load off my back.
Monday comes and it's back to the tracks.

Some people give and some of them take.
Spent a whole lotta time just gettin' it straight.
When ya' find true love ya' find your place.
An Nobody can take that smile off your face !

Ron M. Parizek
Meat and Potatoes Music
BMI 2006
from the album "Can You Dig It"
by Blue Plate Special


Can You Dig It! - CD released 04/01/06

Hard Enuff*, Can You Dig It*, Workin' On Love*, Rocket In Your Pocket*, She's Got My Number, I Like It Like That*, Right Now *, Feel So Good*, Luck Runs Out*, Yer' Bad Behind*, Baby's Been On My Mind*, Don't Lose The Spirit*, Have A Little Faith, Unchain My Heart.

The Blues Ain't Pretty - CD released 01/15/00
Crank It Up, Tell The Truth*. The Phone Call*,
Quicksand, Real Fast Life*, Chains*, Not In The Mood*, Get Some Fun Out Of Life*, Disneyland,
Ready To Play, Bad Drugs And Alcohol, No Escape From The Blues, Reachin'*, Knock Knock*.

No Place To Fade - CD released 1998
Stand*, Fire Alarm, Millionaire*, Homework*, No Place To Fade, Your Heart Ain't In It, Somebody Play The Blues For Me*, Dippin' In*, World Of Trouble*, One More Thing.

All songs followed by an asterisk have charted at the #1 position on Worldwide Blues Radio !

All Songs Written By and Copyright Ron M. Parizek, Meat and Potatoes Music, BMI
with the exception of:
"Not In The Mood"- Written By and Copyright Harry Binford, BMI
and "No Escape from the Blues" by M. Morganfield
"Unchain My Heart" from Ray Charles
"Have a Little Faith" by John Hiatt
"I Like It Like That" by Chris Kenner

Midnight Special Blues Radio TOP 10 of the Year 2006
We are proud to announce the best artists and best songs of this year as rated by the listeners of Midnight Special Blues Radio channel at (based on our Daily Charts from 1 December 2005 through 30 November 2006).
Blue Plate Special - 43,61%

The Phone Call (Blue Plate Special) - 9,60%
Yer' Bad Behind (Blue Plate Special) - 8,93%
Workin' On Love (Blue Plate Special) - 7,41%
Tell The Truth (Blue Plate Special) - 7,18%
Hard Enuff (Blue Plate Special) - 6,22%
Luck Runs Out (Blue Plate Special) - 4,27%
Can You Dig It !/ Blue Plate Special
--"Real Blues" Magazine/ Andy Grigg- Editor/Publisher 2007

"Rocket In Your Pocket" reached the #1 position on Terry Iredale's National Rock and Blues Show on Australian Satellite Radio!!!! 04/17/07


Blue Plate Special was featured in the Premier Issue of Alternative World Fanzine /April/07 Issue. Two Page Interview with Blue Plate Special by Peter Quinones/ Editor. Go To Link: (title page link) We are on Pages 23 and 24 !!!!! This Magazine is also available in hardcopy on East and West coasts of USA.

"Can You Dig It" Placed in "The Top Ten Albums of 2007" by the Oklahoma Gazette /C.G. Niebank

Blue Plate Special would like to thank the following Radio Stations, On-Air Hosts and Shows for getting behind our music and spreading the word to the hearts and ears of Music Fans everywhere!

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"Rewind Show"..the Hits you grew up with... w/ Jimmy Jay
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WVLP 98.3fm-Michigan City, Ind. w/The Blues Drive w/Bill Paige
WVPE 88.1fm- Elkhart, Ind.

Set List

Sets are comprised of any and all songs from our 3 Independently released CD's, interspersed with songs by artists such as Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Joe Cocker, John Hiatt, Ray Charles, Freddie King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Junior Wells also various obscure songs by the Blues greats.

Sets can be 45, 60 or 90 minutes in length depending on the requisite of the date.
1 to 6 sets are possible but priced accordingly.
In other words a normal club date would be considered 3/ 1 hr. or 4/45 min. sets. Festival Appearances usually are 60 to 90 minutes in length.

Note: The small "c" after the name "Blue Plate Special" has been used here to indicate that "Blue Plate Special is and has been a Registered Trademark of the Band since the late eighties. It was used here to replace the usual small "TM" which is not available on this site. Thank You.