Blue Plate Special

Blue Plate Special


We play blues-based music, with rock, country, zydeco, folk, and cajun influences. We do a mixture of original tunes and interesting covers that mostly are off the beaten path, but remain accessible.


Our influences are pretty varied, from our keyboardist's jazz leanings to our drummer's punk rock roots, to our bassist's blues interests, to our guitarist's classic rock background.

We tend to play blues, rock, and folk-based songs in a stripped down manner, in that we think less is more in terms of not playing overly long solos and not playing too loudly to detract from the basic ideas in the songs.

Our fans and casual listeners all comment on our interesting choices of material, and our original material tends to go over as well as our covers.

We're in it mainly to make interesting music with good players, and the whole rock-star machinery is pretty much uninteresting to us. We could probably play a ton of gigs doing just popular covers, but we're collectively looking for something more interesting than just playing for the easy reactions.


Be a Man

Written By: Arte Kenyon

I wasn't born to stand no six-foot-four.
I'll never be a lean two-twenty-five.
I'll be there when you need me,
But I'm never gonna be the toughest man alive

I live by my wits and not by my fists.
I'm an easy goin' guy, not too tightly wound.
I get by, by getting along,
And if I don't look for trouble, find it don't get found.


There's more than one way for a man to be strong.
And what's right for a fight is sometimes just all wrong.
Some people think a movie-star stand,
Is all that it takes, to be a man. To be a man.

I know a lot of guys, always itchin' for a fight.
Workin' on the job, or back home with their wives.
They live by the sword; ain't nothin' you can do.
It's the way they go at everything that comes into their lives.


But stayin' afraid ain't wantin' to stay.
You're not being a man; I don't care what you say.
Some people think that a heavy hand,
Is all that it takes, to be a man. To be a man.
Music and lyrics: A. Kenyon (2005).
All rights reserved. Lyrics reprinted by permission.

Keeping You Close Inside

Written By: Arte Kenyon

Love me, baby, in the deep of the night
When I can't sleep by your side.
When that loneliness tugs, in the soft morning light,
Just keep me close inside

And on those long days, when love's not around.
When I can't stand by your side.
When your mind just can't see me; my face can't be found,
Please keep me close inside.


It's just so unfair, that we're so far apart.
Struggling to keep ourselves close in our hearts.
Wishing every day, I could be there for you.
Tell me you know that I do.

I'm alone in the dark; I close my eyes.
I'm longing for you by my side.
I can see you so clearly, across all the miles.
'Cause I'm keeping you close inside.
Music and lyrics: A. Kenyon (2006)
All rights reserved. Lyrics reprinted by permission.

Come On Home

Written By: Arte Kenyon, Steve Esposito

Daddy, come on home; won't you come on home?
Won't you come on home tonight?
Mama's been cryin', for such a long time,
And we know that somethin' just ain't right.
You just didn't come home at the end of a day;
We didn't even see you fight.
Won't you come on home, why don't you come on home?
Won't you come on home tonight?

People sayin' things, they're always sayin' things,
Now what're we supposed to think?
They're talkin' 'bout gamblin'; talkin' 'bout a woman,
'Bout drugs, and they're talkin' 'bout drink.
Mama's sayin', "Mind y'own business; ain't got nothin' to say."
Don't you mind what those people think.
But can't you come on home? Daddy, come on home.
Won't you come on home tonight?

It's been a long time, been an awful long time,
Since we all laid our eyes upon you.
Mama's stopped cryin', we all stopped cryin'
Just don't feel like we used to do.
Still catch Mama lookin' up when a car comes around,
Then lookin' down once we know it ain't you.
Why don't you come on home, Daddy, come on home?
Can't you come on home tonight?

We don't know where you are; we don't know where you've been.
We don't know where you are goin' to.
Why don't you keep on goin', just keep on goin'
Ain't nobody here waitin' on you.
And we don't care, and Mama don't care,
And there's no carin' that's comin' from you.
Don't you come on home, don't you come on home.
Don't you come on home tonight.
Lyrics: A. Kenyon
Music: A. Kenyon, S. Esposito (2006).
All rights reserved. Lyrics reprinted by permission.


We're currently working on recording our original tunes, and hope to release a CD early to mid 2007.

Set List

For us, a typical 1-hour set would consist of our songs mixed in with an equal amount of cover tunes.

If the show is designed for original music, we could play about 45 minutes of original material and maybe 15 minutes of covers. Typical three-set nights tend to be 2/3 covers and 1/3 original tunes mixed throughout the night.

We currently play out nine original tunes, and have about 30 covers that we mix in and out from show to show. Our covers are by artists like J. J. Cale, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Charles Brown, Professor Longhair, the Red Stick Ramblers, Keb' 'Mo, the BoDeans, and the like. (Our Web site contains a fairly complete listing of the tunes we're using at any given time.)