Blue Razor Rust

Blue Razor Rust


What our music sounds like: If At the Gates, Slayer, In Flames, Slash and Dimebag Darrell met at a party and jumped into a blender.


The elements for the formation of Blue Razor Rust began to combine when a group of metal loving musicians met one another around campus at Northern Illinois University due to their similar impeccable style; wearing black, metal t-shirts. Mike and Nick started writing music together on guitar and the band was rounded off by Dan on vocals and Chuck on drums. The band began jamming, minus a bass player, in the basement of a run down house that Mike was living in right off of campus. That is, when the basement wasnt filling with water and threatening the band members with electrocution. Bluer skies were on the horizon for the band though. After the house became barely livable and infested with feral animals, band practice was moved to a more upscale part of town; Dans basement. After years of jamming with some of the most antisocial and abnormal bass players this side of DeKalbs cornfields, they would finally find a fit for the band in Kevin, though they are still not sure of his last name. Due to musical differences Nick left the band after college, and Blue Razor Rust abducted Nick Version 2.0 from the wastelands of DeKalb. Now this new and improved version of the band now featuring lead guitar is currently playing all over the dark corners of Illinois on random Sunday nights. Love these guys, tell your friends and give them money (and beer) so they can play music and not have to work real jobs.


a 4 song FREE demo is available through the band

Set List

Typical set-list includes about 7-10 songs depending on how long we get to play.

the Next Step
Fall in Line
Into the Grave

Dead Skin Mask (Slayer)
Seek and Destroy (Metallica)
Behind Space (In Flames)