Blue Rodeo

Blue Rodeo

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Blue Rodeo are among the most accomplished groups Canada has produced and were recently given a Star on Canada’s Walk of Fame. The band has won 12 Juno Awards.


The definition of a rebel is someone who goes against the grain. Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead! For close to thirty years now, Blue Rodeo has taken the road less traveled - and succeeded far beyond anyone’s expectations. The band emerged in the early 80’s as a countrified rock band in the era of hair metal and glossy pop. Despite sticking out like a sore thumb (or maybe because of it), their single “Try” became omni-present on radio across Canada and set in motion a three decade long career of headlining every club, theatre and arena in Canada. In 1993, when grunge rock was squeezing commercial rock off the radio, they recorded their quietest album, Five Days In July, and scored their biggest hit selling over a half million copies of that one record alone. And now, in the digital age, while everyone else is think of ways to sell single songs through the internet or snippets of songs on cell phones, Blue Rodeo has recorded a double album designed specifically to be enjoyed on vinyl. The Things We Left Behind is the real deal. Double gate-fold sleeve, 12 x 12 cover and two albums, four distinct sides programmed to take the listener on a trip.


* The Things We Left Behind (2009)
* Blue Road (2008)
* Small Miracles (2007)
* Are You Ready (2005)
* In StereoVision (2005) - DVD
* Palace Of Gold (2002)
* The Days In Between (2000)
* Tremolo (1997)
* Nowhere To Here (1995)
* Five Days In July (1993)
* Lost Together (1992)
* Casino (1990)
* Diamond Mine (1989)
* Outskirts (1987)

Set List

5 Days in May
Don't Let The Darkness In
One Light Left In Heaven
Blue House
3 Hours Away
Know Where you Go
Tell Me Your Dream
Bad Timing
Til I Am Myself Again
Joker's Wild
Rain Down on Me
Black Ribbon
What Am I Doing Here
Dark Angel
Head Over Heels
Heart Like Mine
Trust Yourself
Hasn't Hit Me Yet
After The Rain
Lost Together