Blue Saint

Blue Saint

 Liverpool, England, GBR
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I am a person who can easily adept to any environment I am put in, this pretty much also includes music. My music uses rap as a base/theme and amalgamates between all forms of pop, rock and nonstop Hip-Hop as I love to experiment and find myself incorporating different styles of music in my tracks.


Daniel Sebuyange, who performs under the alias Blue Saint, is an upcoming rapper that currently resides in Liverpool. Being born in a very creative and musical environment Saint started to develop an interest for music and eventually wrote his first rap song at the age of 7, out of curiosity. He gradually began to find an interest in the art and continued it, firstly as a hobby but soon changing to a career path he wanted to pursue.

Inspired by the life stories of Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, The Beatles, Eminem and many more he soon learned and realised that persistent and consistent work was a great factor in getting your music heard and eventually achieving your dreams.

Becoming more determined Saint left his collective 'The Cipher', formerly known as Liverpool Young Writers, (run by the Writing on the Wall organisation) to become a more independent individual and to further improve himself.

Blue Saint has named several rappers that have influenced his rapping style and who share similar aspects of his music: humorous, heavily lyrical with catchy choruses and upbeat or calming music these influences include Eminem, Sway, Lupe Fiasco, Janelle Monae, Outkast and many of their associates.

The fact that he can juggle between various music genres as he was brought up around African music, being Congolese, and Pop (living in England) and the fact he can not only rap but can beatbox, dance and act have helped become a threat to the music scene. It has also greatly helped him keep crowds entertained.
He has recently started a band named 'The Big Bang' that is an amalgamation of rock and rap/hip-hop. Saint has a wide range of expertise in music and has been performing for four years supporting various big artists such as: Sway DaSafo, Skinnyman, Chipmunk, Bashy, Lowkey, Ed Sheeran, Wretch 32, Akala etc...

Blue Saint is currently working hard on an EP/Mixtape that is still under production and will soon be released.


Blue Saint is currently working on an EP/Mixtape that will be coming soon.

Set List

In My Life (ft. I De Self)
Sing It Like
Mrs Right (ft. Chatterbox)
The Multisyllabic
Back to Life (Remix)
Little Red Book