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The best kept secret in music


"Bluesativa – A concoction of cool"

Take two programming magicians, one that plays the guitar with the same degree of mastery (Adam King) and the other, a keyboard wizard with fingers chiseled for ivory piano keys (Joel Stouffer), add another guitar-playing enchanter (Graeme Cornies) and a seductive sorceress with vocals like that of water (Sue Passmore), and you have Bluesativa. An indie-band born out of a Toronto basement two years ago and randomly formed in the pursuit of higher education that instills the value of collaboration in today’s emerging artistic society.
The Bluesativa vibration would fit into the genre of cool, combining a chilled, jazzy groove with spicy guitar undertones and seductive, smooth operating vocals. Stylistically, there is a bit of everything from Funk to R&B, Jazz to Drum’n’Bass, and a soulful concoction of poetic lyrics fused in a general pool of cool.
‘Only Human’ is the second track on Bluesativa’s debut album. It began with the chorus written in chalk on Sue’s shelf, born out of frustration and created into a realization that you need to do what you want to do; choose voice instead of “saying nothing”, so you live your life free of regrets. It is the most unique track instrumentally on the album; ‘Sweaty Disco’, slowly breathing, passionate intimacy with soothing trumpet provocations and a heated bass.
Bluesativa is as original as they come, constantly breaking through pre-conditioned barriers of music, blending and fusing diverse cultural music styles and manifesting an authentic sound that the public is embracing more and more. A band with a promising future, set with positive ideals and principles, this album is definitely the first of many to come.
- By Natasha Elkington

"Toronto loves Tibet! concert + film benefit series 2004-04-27"

Amazing local talent:

Bluesativa live - Sade vocals meets a cross between Massive Attack and Portishead!

"Tha Mos Nice Post subject: Bluesativa"

I’m in Toronto for a hot minute because of various situations, and I will say that I am not a big fan of some of the music that comes out here. I guess it’s probably because I havn’t been put on to the right artists, however, I did meet a cat who was involved with a project titled "bluesativa".
An ill mixture of Soul, Hip Hop and Jazz...or rather a fusion. I was sceptical at first but this sh** is Bananas, for 5 dollars I was not disappointed. To any of the cats that live in Toronto keep an ear out for this album.... cop it.
- HipHopNexus Forum

"Could This Be The Start of Something"

For those of you who were not aware, a new band made its debut performance at Li’ly in the heart of Little Italy in Toronto Ontario last night. They call themselves Bluesativa. It was a musical experience of eclectic sounds which can only be Described with words like ethereal, liquid, cool, breazy, primal ...
The atmosphere generated was musically inviting and left the listener to experience their own soundscape rather than being driven in any onedirection. Very different from the current commercial music scene andharkens back to a much earlier time when finger popping was the means of applauding.
The rhythms were infectious and the members fed them in a communal way that was not dominated by any one individual. Individual freedom was evident as instrumental solos were allowed to stretch and soar their own, sometimes long, natural course.
Kudos go out to the band! For this reviewer, I surely hope that these new bohemians can hang tight and regale the public with more of the same And continue to plant the seeds to grow this musical life they have created. - Jay Aych Mason

"House & Techno News"

Datum 2004/04
Bluesativa – Somedays Cd-R
Remixed By Canadas Own Gene King This Beautiful Song Sounds Almost Like Sade Getting A House Workout!
- Partykalendar


Bluesativa's debut album had its independent release in January 2004. All tracks have received airplay on stations such as CKLN 88.1 and CHRY 105.5 in Toronto, and CKCU 93.1 in Ottawa.
The track Somedays has been remixed by various Toronto musicians, one of which (by Gene King), travelled overseas to become a favourite of Dj Ingela of Sweden.
Bluesativa's track Only Human, was also chosen to be part of the track listing for the Independents 4 Kerry multimedia CD - released in October of 2004.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Bluesativa began 2 ½ years ago, in a Toronto basement. A series of events led to the five members coming together, including school, former bands and hometown friendships. After hitting the live stage in the summer of 2003, and settling into the final five-some that fall, the debut album was released in January 2004. Comparable to the UK’s Thievery Corporation and St.Germain, and USA’s Erykah Badu, Bluesativa is making headway on the Toronto electro-lounge scene. This year’s Toronto venues included the Molson Amphitheatre - House of Blues side stage, the Four Seasons Hotel and the Orbit Room, as well as a monthly residency at the Hush Underbar, and various out of town appearances. Bluesativa are currently focusing on the writing of the new album and a new video to be posted soon! Keep an eye on the calendar, upcoming dates will be posted soon.